Guilds and Motleys, Aislings and Mundanes: Temuair is interlocked

Prelude: Changing of Tide


"Quick, take my daughter to the forest, keep her safe."
"But what about you?"
"Don't worry about me, just leave before the T'Forgde get here."

"Sir, over here"
"We've been looking for you awhile"
"Get out of here or I'll summon the guards"
"You mean the dead ones in front of the door"
"Oh my…"
"Kill her men."
"She knows the Truth of the D'srad."
"Yes, sir."
"You'll never claim my soul"
"Don't struggle m'dear, you'll only make it worse"
"Don't worry about hiding the body, soon they'll all be dead"

"What is it?"
"We have found King Azar, he now lies dead"
"Pathetic fool… make a sweep of the castle, I want no breathing creature alive when we leave"
"Yes, sir"
"Soon I shall be the only one alive who has seen the truth"
"Sir, word from the search team you've set out"
"It better be good news"
"It seems they have found the opening to the cave, soon they will be here with that which you requested"
"Excellent, all goes according to plan, soon I will take perch in my new castle"
"All hail the new King of K'Grafin"
"Hail sire!"
"Thank you, my subjects"

"Spread this message through out the land, anyone who dares to disobey my orders shall perish under the terms of treachery. The taxes are now an extra seven pieces of gold or twenty-one pieces of silver. If you are unable to pay, you will lose whatever I deem fit to take"
"Yes, sir!"
"Now go forth, I have assigned guards to each area, those who are to protect my new castle shall wait here until our transport comes"
"What is it?"
"Where is your new castle?"
"You'll see, my friend, you'll see"

Abel Tavern Tales


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