The next morning, Palderon arose from his resting place and walked just outside the town walls. He could hear the birds chirping and wild beasts moaning in the distance. He peeked in around the corner.

"About time you woke up!"
Startled, Palderon turned around quickly to see Duncan standing there. "Trying to give me a heart attack?" He muttered under his breath.
"What you say? Oh well, so when are you leaving?"
"Yeah, you know, leaving, parting, going away, journeying."
"Why would I leave?" Palderon questioned.
"To go avenge Reina!" Duncan shot back. "The T'Forgde killed her and your just going to let them go!?"
"What's to gain by killing them?"
"What's to lose?"

Palderon stood silent for what seemed hours after Duncan said that, not knowing what to say. When he lost Reina, he lost all purpose to his life. She was who he lived for. Duncan hadn't just tried to rile him up with a stupid question, he was trying to get Palderon to think. And he was successful. What shocked Palderon even more was Duncan was right. Killing off the T'Forgde might not bring Reina back, but it might make losing her a lot easier, and at least it'd keep her memory alive. "Besides," he thought to himself, "If I die, it'll only bring me closer to Reina".

Looking back up at Duncan, he put his hand in his pocket. There was a brilliant warmth coming from inside, not heat, but more of a feeling, warming Palderon's soul. He realized he was holding the necklace. Carefully he pulled it out, holding it in his hands. The warmth shot through Palderon's body. It was more than just a physical feeling, it was the warmth of Reina, her love. The necklace had absorbed Reina's love towards Palderon, and now that was what he was feeling. Slowly, he brought the necklace up, around his neck, fastening it around. Small jewels that were carefully fastened to the silver-gold woven necklace shone in the morning light.

Quickly, he bent over, grabbing his sword and furs that were beside him. "As per my promise" he said to Duncan, tossing him two furs, then quickly darted off into town.
"Where you going?" Duncan yelled to him.
"The smith" Palderon shouted back, disappearing behind a building as he turned a corner. Duncan chuckled to himself, looked at his fur, then took of to do his own stuff.

Shortly, Palderon came across the blacksmith shop, the smith was tending to his fire. "Good, he's awake" he smiled to himself, walking up to the kind old man who was blowing at the hot coals.
"'Morning Palderon"
"'Morning Sir"
"Smith yer sword?"
"How many furs?" Palderon asked, pulling out his sword and showing it to the smith.
"Really wore it down this time"
"I know"
"I'd say about three furs should cover it"
"Okay, here you go" Palderon handed over his payment. The smith took the furs and, tossing them to the side, grabbed a metal rod and stoked the burning coals. There was then a short silence as the sword was shoved into the heat source and taken out while glistening a hot white, broken by the pounding of heated metal, and then the loud scratching as the smith worked his sword on the grindstone. Palderon just sat and watch as his blade got sharper and sharper.
"There we are, sharp as a scholar working on a child's math"
"No, thank you, if it weren't for yer business I'd 'av been bankrupt long ago"
"See you around"
"Good luck on yer journey, stay safe Palderon"
"You know me"
"Aye, that's what I'm talking about" the smiths mouth cracked a kind smile

Walking out the city gates, Palderon took one last look at the town, hoping no more trouble would come to it. Then he put his hand up to his neck and touched the necklace, the warmth reassuring him that this is what he had to do. Taking a deep breath, he let his hand fall back to his side, then he turned and started walking into the distance, hoping to make it to the port town of A'zael by the time the week was out.

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