Early morning eagerness and a heavy mind the night before found Sabyn wondering around in the early hours. He finally found some good in what happened. He got the entire day off. Then he started dashing down the corridors. Running by people who wondered what he was doing, and others who were busy themselves with various preparations or just goofing off. He stopped when he came in front of two large doors, the library doors. Stepping forward, he put his hand out to open them. As he threw his weight forward to push them open, his right arm locked at the elbow. Jumping back in small pain, he rubbed his elbow and looked at the doors. They hadn't budged a bit. Sabyn was shocked. Again he put his hand to the door, and carefully he put pressure on it. The doors just stood there, as if they were forged to the ground. Sabyn took a few steps back in disbelief.

"It's locked" Sabyn twirled around to see a young monk standing there. "They don't want any of the T'Forgde wondering in there, so they locked it up." The monk turned to go back to his duties. Sabyn could feel his jaw drop, but he didn't have the strength to pick it back up. He just stood there agape, looking at the cold wood doors. Dropping his head to look at the ground, a hand appeared on his shoulder.
"You're always here." Sabyn slowly turned around to see his master standing there. "I know what you're going to say. They did what they had to, you of all people can't argue about the logic. This way there won't be any T'Fordgde messing up order in here. Go back to bed and get some more sleep, your going to need all the energy you can later." His master smiled, "Nothing to do around here anyway."
Sabyn couldn't speak, just slowly nodded acknowledgment and turned, shuffling back the way he came to the sleeping area again.

Sabyn lay there with his eyes closed. He didn't know how long it had been since he fell asleep again that day. But he did know he was woken up by the sound of loud thumping coming from all over the room. Rather then looking, he just told himself that someone was moving stuff around, they did it a lot. All of a sudden something fell beside him, making a loud crash that rung in his ears. Startled by this, his eyes shot open to see a sword coming directly down at him. Quickly he rolled out of the way as the sword struck the wood floor. Confused and dazed, he looked back at his bed.

A soldier was pulling his sword out from the splinters that used to be the floor. Then he saw what had made the sound, a dead body. A monk just lay there, cut open in many places. Blood was pouring out, pooling up underneath him. Sabyn went to get up, and before he knew it the sword was thrusting towards him. With haste he spun around the side of the blade and thrust his own palm straight into the soldier's nose, snapping the bone straight into his skull. The body fell back, blood pouring out of the nostrils. Sabyn looked around; no one else was there. Bodies of both monks and soldiers were scattered all over the ground. Swiftly he darted for the door, almost slipping in the puddles of blood as his feet turned a dark crimson.

Stepping out into the corridor, he saw blood splashed all over the walls, the stench of the dead already starting to saturate the long passageway. About to faint, he fought it off and continued down the hall. He wasn't use to this much death. The monastery was always kept clean, and wounds were bandaged right away. Now all he could see was red, and the smell didn't help either. Running past the library, he stopped. Turning, he looked back at the giant doors. The library was open.

Jumping to the side of the hall, he pressed his body against the wall and slowly crept towards the entrance. Peeking around the corner he saw a soldier with a torch burning the books, his back to the door. Sabyn's anger flared inside him as he quietly entered the heat of the room, slowly approaching the guard. When he got close enough, swiftly Sabyn swept the soldier's legs out from under him. Gripping the torch, he pressed it up to the soldier's face. Ear shattering shrieks of pain echoed through the fiery room, the soldier desperately trying to push the torch away from him.

Sabyn held on, the soldier's skin starting to bubble and melt, turning to charcoal in areas that went up in flame. Blood sputtered and hissed. Getting back to his feet, Sabyn turned just in time to see another guard appear in the doorway. He threw the torch at him, then started running straight at him. The guard positioned himself, gripping his sword. Then all of a sudden, at the very last second, Sabyn slid towards the guard's leg, hooking one of his feet around the guard's ankle. Speedily he kicked his other foot into the guard's knee, a loud crack echoed in the room as the leg snapped in half. In extreme pain, the guard fell on his back. Sabyn quickly got up and stood over the guard. Then swiftly, Sabyn's brought his hand down with all the strength he could, landing it on the center of the guard's chest, forcing his last breath from him. The guard's body went limp, as blood flowed freely from his mouth.

Walking out of the library, a sword suddenly started swinging towards Sabyn. Attempting to dodge it, he fell backward, but wasn't quite fast enough as the sword clipped his left shoulder, leaving a hole where it had hit. Blood flowed down Sabyn's arm as he try to right himself. Looking up, he realized the guard had been hiding to the side of the door. Then he noticed the guard's sword was wedged deep in the library door. The guard gave up on freeing his sword and back up to the other side of the hall. Sabyn got up and started walking towards him. All of a sudden, pain rushed through Sabyn's leg.

Looking down he saw an arrow sticking out of it. Looking a bit down the hall, he saw an archer standing there grinning. Snapping the arrow in half, he started running at the archer, ignoring the pain he felt. The archer quickly tried to draw another arrow, but before he had the chance Sabyn leapt at him, his foot connecting solidly with the side of the archer's head. The power of the blow knocked the archer off his feet, head first into the wall. Blood splattered everywhere as the archer's cranium cracked open with the force of the collision.

Falling to the ground in pain, Sabyn looked over at the guard. He just stood there, frozen with fear. Shakily, Sabyn picked up the bow and drew an arrow. Steadying himself for a second, he took aim and let the arrow fly straight at the guard. It's flight was true as the metal tip of the arrow hit the guard's neck just below the adam's apple, penetrating through the skin. The smooth shaft gliding through the inside of his neck as the tip poked out the back, then stopped. Coughing up blood, the guard stood there trying to breathe. Crimson liquid trickled out his mouth and through the hole in his neck. Then the body fell, lifeless. Sabyn just sat there for a sec, catching his breath and trying to cope with the rush of pain he was experiencing.

Gradually, he made his way over to the guard. Ripping off a piece of the guard's cloth, he tied it around his arm over the wound. Wincing as he stood, he started walking a few doors down to the greeting hall. Stumbling and without energy, he made it. Peeking inside, he saw many dead monks lying on the ground, soaked in their own blood. Carefully he made his way to a bare spot on the floor. Exhaling deeply as he lay down, he rested his head on the floor, closed his eyes, and let his world fade away.

Chapter 3: Port A'zael

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