CatzaNova: 0.o
ShadowServer: hehe
Yobguad: Excuse me love...
Morrigan: hehehehehe
Pahdmae: if yer drunk its easier fer me to get what i want
Swanberg> and I haven't gotten to you and me yet [in the journal], even *winks*
ShadowServer: ^^;;
Swanberg: Oh dear!
CatzaNova: hmmm
Yobguad: *leaps at Rephin*
CatzaNova: meh well
Swanberg: Those malchicks are tolchoking each other real
ShadowServer: *drinks more hemloch*
Morrigan: you thinking what I'm thinking about?
Pahdmae: *giggles*
Swanberg: horrorshow!!
Estara: wow
Rephin: OHYEAH?
Lothe" *pokes*
CatzaNova: gimme something to drink*growls*
Estara: they are??
Swanberg" Yeah, I know ;)
ShadowServer: uhhh i dddonno what are you thinking about?
Pahdmae: gentlemen gentlemen..please dont fight over me
Yobguad: Ye shall not have the sacred spirits!
CatzaNova: lol
Swanberg: Dear me!
Diamanda: hehe
collins: dont worry we're not
Pahdmae: hehe
collins: hehehe
CatzaNova: cheating on me now!
Swanberg: Such ultraviolence!
Rephin: We're not?
CatzaNova: *cries*
collins: not over her
Rephin: Then I quit.
Pahdmae: oops
CatzaNova: lol
collins: just over the wine
Estara: o/ THATS THE POWER, thAT's the POWER of LOVE
Yobguad: No fair
Lothe: it is???
Pahdmae: no no..was ummm trying to get them to stop...thats it
Lothe: wow!
CatzaNova: *hides under bench*
Estara: ((Huey lewis and the news version))
Morrigan: nothing much
collins: boo ;_;
Estara: *bops*
CatzaNova: help im stuck!
Pahdmae: see it woked
CatzaNova: hehe
Lothe: ((Whosie and the whatnow??))
Pahdmae: err worked even
Rephin: *yoink*
ShadowServer: oookay here have some hemloch
Rephin: Wow, you're really in there.
Rephin: Lose a little weight, eh?
ShadowServer: *giggles&\* if youre not already full of it
Sybil: hemloch
Swanberg: o/` You're pourin' water o/`
Pahdmae: hehe i got ye where i want ye
Rephin: Help me get him outta there.
ShadowServer: hehe
Swanberg: o/` On a droooooowning man o/`
CatzaNova: uh oh
Estara: *bops between Sybil and Arne*
Yobguad: o/ It's raining men o/`
Estara: or should I say Him
Pahdmae: *grabs and kisses Catz*
Swanberg: Arne Him Swanberg =P
CatzaNova: oh such torture!
Sybil: ahh *hugs*
Lothe: AHS?
CatzaNova: oh wait
Pahdmae: sweet
CatzaNova: i like this
Swanberg: Si!
Estara: no
Lothe: AGS forever... ;p
Estara: AGHS
Lothe: ahhh
Sybil: *drinks*
Lothe: Better.
Estara: or even AHGS
Estara: we forget the Gustaf
CatzaNova: *Grabs you tips you over and kisses you deeply*
Estara: *nod nod*
Swanberg: o/` This thing. Called love. I just can't handle it o/`
Yobguad: I like Aghs. Ye can really shout it. Agh!!!
Pahdmae: woooo
Swanberg: o/` This thing. Called love. I must get round to it o/`
Sybil: ohh thats better
Swanberg: o/` I ain't ready o/`
Swanberg: o/` Crazy little thing called love o/`
CatzaNova> :).. I think ye better stick around :)
ShadowServer: i neeed more hemloch!
Yobguad: o/` Crazy little thing called love o/`
Pahdmae: Mmmmm *smiles*
CatzaNova" haha
Estara: *bops to Queen*
CatzaNova" i think i like this one :P [aka Pahdmae :D]
Diamanda: hehe
Swanberg: Whee ^_^
Lothe: *coughs*
Yobguad: o/` This thing... called love
Estara: *twists really good*
Rephin: Ah well. No booze? I'm outta 'ere.
CatzaNova> :)
Lothe: o/'I wanna girlll jusssttt like the girl that marriiieedd
collins: heh
Swanberg: o/` It cries (like a baby) o/`

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