ShadowServer: oookay so umm
Estara: *sniffs suspiciously teary*
Swanberg: *smiles*
ShadowServer: *tries to remember what to do next*
Swanberg: Can I have that candelabra over there? *grin*
Swanberg> *wry smile* for as much as we are us, we match *beams*
Estara: hmm
ShadowServer: get out of jail free, htis card is... hey!
Estara: *would like the red robe of the priest*
Swanberg" Like a jigsaw puzzle ;)
Swanberg: I'll get it for ya ;)
Estara: awww
Roon: heh.. *grins*
Swanberg> exactly
Estara: *just losing herself in blue eyes*
ShadowServer: blah im so bad iat cerimonies :p
Swanberg: It's not a ceremony =)
Estara: *shakes herself*
Estara: erm.. what?
Swanberg: Ceremonies are against our nature ;)
Estara: we married now?
collins: it's a prelude to getting drunk :P
Sybil: not quite
Lothe" Not even close... ;p
Swanberg: Yes!! I mean, no! =P
collins: hahahaha
Estara: did I drink all the hemloch?
Lothe" See if Shadow can survive giving a few words.
ShadowServer: heh esty do you take this drunken ranting guy as your
Estara: *seems to have lost the time*
ShadowServer: um that thing
Swanberg: There you go~! That's good =)
Lothe> you ask her :)
ShadowServer: when you get married... husband yeah thta sit
Lothe" I tried. She kinda sputtered.
Estara: *isn't sure, but pleased if you are*
Estara: *just beams all over*
Estara: *like a relieved loon*
ShadowServer: Estara say you wanna marry him :p
Morrigan: ((*puts on Sun Glasses*))
Estara: oh sure
Lothe" What is it with you and beaming loons...?;p
Swanberg: *beams back and reaches out for your hand, pointing
Swanberg: covertly at Shadow*
Swanberg: *thinks* WHEW!
Estara: I wanna marry him
Estara: whom?
ShadowServer: and Swanberg you say yes too so we can all get drunk
Estara: *is getting ever more clueless*
Estara: hey I wanna marry Arne
Estara: I don't wanna marry any HIM
ShadowServer: hehe
Lothe" ... ;p
Swanberg: *laughs*
Estara: where is that HIM fellow
Estara: who is trying to hijack me
Penela: ((*makes someone called him*))
Estara: *growls*
Lathen: ((I will now teach you Russian!))
ShadowServer: marry Arne :P i hate you fer this
Swanberg: Him is one of my middle names.
Sybil: there he is
Lathen: ((Oh dear 0_00)
Estara: oh okay
Estara: it is
Estara: I will marry you, Arne Him Gustaf Swanberg
Swanberg: *laughs* =)
Estara: even if yer middle name changed :)
ShadowServer: Swanbird! you say you wanna marry the wolf lady
Swanberg: I do, and how =)
Estara: *growls* you better say you marry me....
Estara: goodies :)
Swanberg: *smiles*
Yobguad: Now kiss her you crazy fool rogue!!
collins: *laughs* hurry up server, the hemloch's getting warm
Estara: Love you love you love you
Swanberg: Love you back =)

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