Sybil: *throws wedding pebbles in the air*
Rephin: Kiss 'er back!!!
CatzaNova: hehe
Swanberg: *ankle-high in confetti now*
Swanberg: *catches pebbles* =)
Estara: *is relieved no bride hit her this time*
Lothe: It'll be higher than that before it's done, Swanie;p
Yobguad: *tosses happy wedding squidlets*
Estara: All Hail the Grand Supreme Dictator
Lothe: When I got married, I was in confetti up to my brain!:p
Estara: Of All that Lives
Sybil: Hail!
Lothe: 'Course, my brain was in my feet at that point....
Estara: All Hail Elephantia
Lothe: Hail!
CatzaNova: Hail somefin!
Lothe: Hail!
Swanberg: And All Hail His Glorious Beloved =)
ShadowServer: all hail Saint Swanberg, god of Hemloch!
Yobguad: Hail and Sleet and Rain!
Estara: aww no
Lothe: Indeedy;p
Swanberg: Aww yes =P
collins: Hail bob the destroyer
Roon: we must get sacramental hemloch to worship him O.o
Anthea: hip hip hooray :) or something like that
Roon: err rum :)
Swanberg: Hail the Holy Harpoon of Hamsterdom!
Roon: darn.. missed that memory :/
Lothe: yay^_^
Rephin: YOU USED IT [the sonnet which he gifted me with before the ceremony]!!!
Estara: hehe
Estara: we can handle that
Swanberg: Ooo =)
Sybil: ohh
Estara: all hail Rephin
Estara: and his sonnets
Rephin: *chuckles*
Lothe: WHat was that ? 0_0
collins: hehe
Roon: oh.. one more thing.. ;)
Penela: hehe
ShadowServer: yay piggy!
Elexi: *bows*
Estara: a women sonnet
Elexi: REPHIN!!!!
Rephin: All hail Mighty Monk. *chuckles*
Estara: awwww
Lothe: 0_o
Rephin: *bows*
Estara: thanks Roon
Elexi: keke
Anthea: Didn't know those things still existed *grins*
collins: heh
Yobguad: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Estara: I am full of Roses
Estara: *happy sighs*
CatzaNova: lol i had bunches of em stored :P
Swanberg: DOH!
ShadowServer: eheh
Lothe" *pokes* Gratzies^_^
Lothe: 0_o
Swanberg: *gets out a huge pack of stuff*
Swanberg: *spills junk out of it*
Rephin: BEER?
LOthe> what?
Roon: ey! thats my present :P
Roon: and this
Estara: a black rose?
collins: BEER? Where?? Where???
Swanberg: Doh, mis-reached =P
Rephin: *sniffs air* There's alcohol somewhere in here!
Lothe" Congrats;p
Estara: with hemloch?
Rephin: WHERE IS IT!!!
Swanberg: Wow =)
Penela: if I had to drop all the things I dont need...
Penela: that I have
Elexi: *laughs*
Estara: wow indeed
Yobguad: *hides his flask from Rephin*
ShadowServer: move esty
Swanberg: Thanks, Roon =)
Roon: cripes.. how much can.. err.. something weigh?
collins: Yob!
Rephin: *sniff*
Sybil: *hides rum*
collins: Your holding out!
Estara: tehee
Estara: awww
Rephin: *tackles Yob*
Estara: in any case yer all invited
Yobguad: Eeee
Lothe: yay!
Estara: to Piet Tavern party
Swanberg: Wow, a hatchet~!!
Yobguad: Later
Estara: and ugliest clothes competition
Swanberg: The weapon of my dreams!!
Rephin: *frisks Yob*
Roon: do you already have one?
Rephin: GIMME
Yobguad: *heehee*
Swanberg: Nope!
Roon: *smiles*
Estara: *hugs*
viriane: *huggles*
Swanberg: I did, but it broke, and I was very sad =P
Swanberg: Thanks! =)
Rephin: *laughs*
Estara: *hugs*
viriane: ;)
Yobguad: *sighs* *passes flask of gasoline*
Penela: I wish I could be there for the party :P
Estara: aww guys I am so happy ye all came
Penela: happy life estara
Rephin: AAAH, dam you!
Roon: congrats :) to you too Estara:)
viriane: :)))
Estara: aww darn
Penela: hehe
Rephin: *spills it*
Rephin: Oops!
Rephin: *drops match*
Elexi: grat'sums!
Estara: ye'll be missed
Sybil: Congrats Swanny
Swanberg: Whee
Yobguad: Hey! That's my best moonshine
Swanberg: Thanks =)
Penela: *poofs*
Estara: thanks Roon love
Sybil: *hugs*
Swanberg: *hugs back*
ShadowServer: ooh matching
Estara: *hugs Elexi*
Elexi: *hugs*
Yobguad: Ah well, there will be more
Lothe: EE
collins: heh
Yobguad: o/` Burnin down the house
Estara! Thanks for coming everyone
Rephin: AAH
ShadowServer: yay! i hate this building
collins: oh well, there goes the Church..............again

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Unseelie Court

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