Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Dunny: *swings around darty linens*
Dunny: woooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo
Dunny: *throws some on Estara*
Isahn: *giggles8
Estara: :P
Dunny: quick sand
Erynn: *makes sand castles*
Dunny: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nisuo: Moose<->Meese<->Moose<->Meese
Estara: you can't keep from washing them in public
Nisuo: Goose<->Geese
Dunny: *tries to dig up MOrry*
Dunny: got her
Nisuo: Moose<->Meese
Dunny: I WIN
AlecDreacon! sits in shade
Erynn: toose<->teese?
Dunny: I wanna nuddar babin sup
Nisuo: The plural of moose is meese
Dunny: yew like thus?
Dunny: *points at belly button*
Erynn: thus?
Erynn: hehehe
Dunny: ya thus I'm warin
Erynn: mmhmm
Nisuo: So saith Deoch
Erynn: cute
Dunny: *grins*
Erynn: although
Erynn: male belly buttons are cuter
Erynn: *points his*
Dunny: I've dazzled yew 'aven't I? Your tranced by beauty are yew not
Dunny: *looks* mmmhmm
Erynn: Dunny...
Isahn: *hugs*
Sybil: *kisses*
Dunny: and?
Nisuo: Can you dye Sarongs?
Estara: nope
Dunny: yew point?
Estara: none of the bathing suits
Dunny: yew love me, yew know it
Erynn: well you're a cutie but you won't make me say that you're the
Erynn: cutest of all >.<
Nisuo: WhoIS?
Dunny: aww who is?
Erynn: paldy! Amusing
Dunny: some one is...hmmm
Morrigan: Thank you for coming Estara
Dunny: oooooooooooo paldyronies
Dunny: *winks*
Estara: HEY thanks for remembering to send the invite!
Nisuo: Who was the Deoch Prist with "Pald" in his name
Dunny: Love yew Estara,
Nisuo: *priest
Erynn: nice to see ye Esty
Estara: but I have to admit, I couldn't have come if I had to work
Estara: tomorrow
Estara: so once I get back to work, these sort of things have
Sybil: Thanks Esty
Estara: to start earlier :P
Dunny: I WIN *Coughs*
Erynn: i korea T.T
Estara: hey, my pleasure
Dunny: I win da contest
Erynn: ((good night))
Nisuo: No Arynn, from where i come from, it's
Dunny: don't I?
Nisuo: I korea n.n
Dunny: I've been writin lots of poems fer days
Erynn: o.0
Dunny: dun't I win?
Sybil: hmm..maybe..
Erynn: weally?
Nisuo: Yeah
Dunny: what dew I say ery day almost?
Erynn: n.n
Nisuo: they use n.n
Dunny: Did yew read my poem?
Erynn: oki
Dunny: Dew yew like my poem?
Nisuo: ((TK =P))
Sybil: I did
Dunny: what did yew tink of me poem?
Dunny: *giggls*
Dunny: *thinks sheer volume should count for sompin*
Erynn: oh?
Isahn: *giggles*
Erynn: o.0
Dunny: *whispers*
Dunny: hear about yew know who...
Dunny: *coughs*
Sybil: no...
Estara: I think I better get to bed now
Dunny: NO?????
Nisuo: 'Bye Starry
Erynn: sleep well
Dunny: oh my stars
Nisuo: I not on much at all, but I see ya around I hope
Dunny: *digs up parchment*
Estara: when I have more time, I'll make this an Unseelie memory
Morrigan: Alright
Sybil: what'd I miss?
Estara: yeah, but NOT anywhere near thistime
Estara: it's 4.30 am.
Nisuo: Well...
Erynn: ;/
Nisuo: I got school
Estara: very true
Erynn: *wants some hemmies*
Nisuo: Hahha
Erynn: gimme hemmies
Estara: you got school and me got bed
Erynn: not kissies, hemmies Amusing
Dunny: son it's way
Estara: *HUGS*
Estara: *hugs* Pebble lady
Erynn: *is deprived of hemmies*
Sybil: *hugs*
Dunny: Yew da best, yew da best yew da best straightener upper
Estara: *hugs*
Sybil: Thanks fer stayin up
Dunny: although, I've a ways ta gew
Dunny: luby yew
Estara: hey I see you so rarely
Estara: I was happy to
Estara: be asked
Dunny: *cheers*
Estara: ((and as I said, I don't work tomorrow))
Dunny: feels like old times
Estara: I'd love to come to parties more often, but this time
Estara: is murder for a working person
Estara: true :)
Erynn: murder o.0
Estara: party times were always good
Yackumo: !
Estara: wow Hi Yackumo
Estara: I am off to bed now
Yackumo: how did i run into you again Amusing
Estara: these are the Unseelies
Dunny: ta ta
Yackumo: look at my lorica
Estara: this is a nice new Aisling, named Yackumo
Estara: spiffy
Yackumo: Amusing
Estara: you got your insight
Yackumo: ya
Estara: we died together at the Oren ball
Yackumo: is this a wedding?
Estara: wedding anniversary party
Yackumo: oh
Estara: with the Unseelie Court guild, hehe
Yackumo: Amusing
Erynn: the craziness of Temuair
Dunny: all the children say hi estara))
Isahn: *takes her hand and pulls*
Estara: hehe
Erynn: Hi Estara
Erynn: *is a child*
Estara: Say hi to them too (specially your son, whom I know :D))
Estara: you are?
Erynn: Amusing
Erynn: no just kidding around
Estara: hehe
Yackumo: i lost my bathing suit
Yackumo: :(
senchi: whats going on?
Estara: it's a wedding anniversary
Estara: awww
senchi: o i see
Estara: maybe you can find one again
senchi: gratz
Isahn: *sips rum, no more* ooaaah...
Estara: good night in any case
Yackumo: i wish there was more than 1 style
Dunny: goot night
Estara: sleep well everyone
Isahn" thanks for coming, m'lady, a pleasure *smiles*
Dunny: I want a hat
Erynn: you too
Estara: you and lost of males
Estara: Isahn
Estara: I shall hit you over the head with a hammer
Dunny: *grins*
Yackumo: Amusing
Estara: if After ONE YEAR
Erynn: o.0
Isahn: *giggles*
Estara: you do NOT
Estara: stop call me MYLADY
Estara: *growls*
Erynn: haha
Erynn: *swims*
Isahn: I'll do what I can
Yackumo: ive never seen you once arm a weapon estara Amusing
Dunny: *sighs*
Estara: THANK YOU!
Estara: Sybil, work on him
Isahn: *giggles*
Estara: tell him some stories about the old
Estara: times
Sybil: *smiles*
Yackumo: =/
Yackumo: Amusing
Estara: so he Loses this awful respect
Sybil: *laughs*
Estara: I feel like my mother
Yackumo: having fun?
Erynn: Amusing
Erynn: I'm swimming
Estara: okay, now, I go to sleep now!
Dunny: read it?
Erynn: ciao ^^
Isahn> I was happy you had me :D *hugs*
Estara: what
Estara: wow
Isahn" *smiles* glad ye could come
Estara: how
Estara: off
Dunny: bye
Isahn> me too :)
Estara: Bye Dunny
Sybil: *faints*
Estara: bye Yackumo
Dunny: bye sweeties
Yackumo: bye
Dunny: *catches*
Estara: good luck again
Dunny: ooop oop
Dunny: up yew gew
Yackumo: ill try Amusing
Estara: bye Eryn and Sybil and Isahn
Erynn: ciao Esty ^^
Sybil: ohh..Bye!
Dunny: *fans Sybil*
Estara: *fwaps*
Estara: *hugs both*

Unseelie Court

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