<> "Kiskerball... Tamuair's Newest Sport"

"Kiskerball... Tamuair's Newest Sport"

One night, two adventurer's stood next to eachother, bored out of their minds.

"What do you want to do?" said Kiske.

"I don't know," replied Elexi. "What do you want to do?"

"Roll up into a little ball," said Kiske as he rolled up into a little ball. Elexi looked at the little ball, and kicked it back and fourth between his feet. He kicked the ball up, juggled it with kicks, and hit it to the tree and back. This ball was so amusing, somthing more had to be done with it. Elexi sent a pigeon to his nearest friends with a message, telling of a game being sceduled. They quickly rushed over, and small teams of four were created.

"GO!" yelled Rephin, the referee. The teams went at it, kicking the ball back and fourth, trying to score points and win. Hours flew like minutes, and minutes flew like seconds.

"What do you call this game?" asked an out of breath Swanberg. Elexi looked down at the ball, and the ball looked back at him. The ball then nodded to elexi, and elexi nodded to the ball.

"We call this game... 'Kiskerball,'" said Elexi with a grin. More and more people walked by, and joined in the fun. Spectators, new forms of balls, and judges came to be a part of this new game, each taking a part into what is now becomming a legue.



With a tournament comming up, we would like as many kiskerball teams as we can make possible. If you would like to make a team of three people, please, send a letter to Elexi with your team members and team name.

And remember, winners don't use drugs. They use the mana bug


A special thanks to the people that took part in this new event:



Elexi... duh heee hee




Kiske- the original founder and ball