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Macho Monk's Artwork Gallery

As I took a walk through the Library of Loures, I noticed many pieces of artwork hanging on the walls. Though a few of the works were good, I thought many could use some touch ups, from me to be exact. So, I present to you, my art gallery.


I am very proud of this fine piece. It took me an entire summer to finish. Beside the obvious detail, if you look close enough, you can see the well rounded magma boots. They represent a fire within Paladine's soul, comming out from his feet. His eyes burn with a passion to heal others, as he is a priest.


"Pasha" is one of my first art pieces. In his scorpion stance, ready to do combat, but a face so serene, like that of a calm puppy. He is clad in no more then a dubok, relying on concentration, not steel.


He is as strong as a beast, yet calm like a river. He stands tall and brave in his sleet silver emerald armour.
"I will protect you from this evil," He says as he kisses the tender lips of his lover.
"Live long and prosper"


There goes Aereas, up to his crazy tricks again. What cookey adventures will he be getting into next? Only time will tell.

"Birth of an Aisling"

This picture was inspired by my first days in tamuair as an aisling. I saught out the guidance of a monk, and began my training. Though short, I will never forget my days as a peasant, and I will dedicate one day a deoch to the "Birth of an Aisling."

Whelp, that's all I have folks. If you would like me to do a portrait of you, then please look at the prices below.

Start up fee: 1,000,000 gold
Interview time with me: 6,000,000 gold(plus 10 days labour)
Agreement: 1,000,000 gold
Added colour to portrait: 9,000,000 gold
Background of your choice: 5,000,000 gold
Change details: 9,000 gold per cm
Drawn with a friend: 9,000,000 gold
Drawn with a lover: 15,000,000 gold

Silver Package: 1,000,000,000
-Start up fee, interview fee, and agreement fee covered
-Comes with colour, and a background.
-20 free touch ups.
-Tech support

Gold Package: 145,000,000,000
-Contents of silver package
-A night with me