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3nd Moon, 12th Sun "THE SWANBERGIAN GAZETTE" 3nd Moon, 12th Sun

"Commonwealth of Rucesion Enacts New Post Removal Policy"-

In light of recent outbreaks of heavy post removal, the Commonwealth of Rucesion has enacted a new policy regarding this issue that will keep post removal posts from interfering with other posts on the boards. Each of the various boards peppered throughout Rucesion territory--Community, Law, the Adventure board in Dubhaim Castle, both Justice Boards, the Black Market board, and the Luathas Fellowship board--now has its own board on which all post removal posts from the associated board are to be placed.

Now, instead of the Community board, for instance, being cluttered with text-less posts with messages like "Post 86 removed--heresy", the Community Board Post Removal Post Board, as it is called, will contain all of these posts. If you have had a post removed, you can quickly and easily refer to this board to determine why.

Posting post removal posts on the boards has been declared illegal, and law officials are to place all of these types of posts on the appropriate Post Removal Post Boards. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the post removal post and the placing of a post removal post regarding said post onto the Post Removal Post Board of the board from which the post was removed.

The second part of the new policy delineates the actions to be undertaken if a post not regarding post removal is posted on a Post Removal Post Board. Each Post Removal Post board will have its own respective Post Removal Post Board, for the posting of posts regarding the removal of posts from the first Post Removal Post Board. Thus, there are now boards such as the "Community Board Post Removal Post Board Post Removal Post Board" and the "Adventure Board Post Removal Post Board Post Removal Post Board".

If a post not having to do with post removal from the appropriate Post Removal Post Board is posted on one of these secondary Post Removal Post Boards, the post is to be removed and taken to a higher authority, which will dip it in special water, rendering the removal of that post legal without necessitating notification through posting. This cleverly prevents a Post Removal Post Board for a Post Removal Post Board for a Post Removal Post Board, ad infinitum.

"I believe this excellent new policy will greatly lessen the traffic of post removal posts on boards dealing with other, much more interesting topics", commented Eduardo, Mundane Burgess of Rucesion. "It will greatly lessen the confusion of sifting through post removal posts to get to the ones you care to read".

The new policy will start with the commencement of the 4th Moon.
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