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3rd Moon, 23rd Sun "THE SWANBERGIAN GAZETTE" 3rd Moon, 23rd Sun

"Disillusioned History Student Makes Plea to Stop History"-

In a recent turn of events that has rocked the academic community of Mileth Village and its famous college campus, the only one of its kind in Temuair, a history student has made a public plea to stop history after receiving falling grades in the subject last week.

"I believe", said the vocal and loquacious student-body rabble-rouser, "that in this dreadful subject of history, lie hidden all the great vices of man. To spare our progeny from studying this unwholesome subject matter in future, I propose putting the kibosh on making history in general."


As word has it from the mouths of the chairmen of the History department at Mileth College, the history student in question began his quest to stop all history as a result of not receiving his desired grade on a term paper regarding the role of the peasant in the economic growth of southern Ardmagh.

"After he saw he'd gotten an extremely low grade, he started expressing sympathies with future students who would have to go through the 'torture' of studying history", commented one professor in a scholarly fashion.

In a speech made in front of the History Building three days agon, the fiery activist declared: "We must put an end to all human achievement and progress! We must spare our children from having to study! We must cease the doing of anything worth placing in a history book!"

After a pause of some length, the activist added: "Oops. I'm making history..." and quickly scurried from his podium.

But, perhaps we should stop and think ... IF the purpose of the study of history is to make sure it is not repeated, the stopping of the forging of history would certainly ensure the same. And, as history won't be studied, it will be repeated, thus forever creating an infinite loop of repeating a history of not creating history.

Is it possible to create a truly static civilization? And if so, how and when is the best time to do so?

We leave these questions to the historians...

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