Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

The Night before Christmas, Swanberg Style

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the lands
Everybody was listening
To bad Christian rock bands
The shows on the telly
Were all Christmas-themed
And Christmas was finally upon us
It seemed.
The children were tucked
Safely into their beds
And anxious, stressed shoppers
Were popping their meds
The snow was a-falling
Thick and white from the skies
The children were awaiting
The next morn to arise
Retailers were struggling
To close down their shops
While last-minute shoppers
Got dragged out by cops
"Merry Christmas, happy New Year's"
Rang out through the air
Met by cries of "We're Jewish
And we do not care!"
I looked up, and Santa
Was riding his sleigh
Through the dark winter's clouds
Up, up, and away
Through the unceasing noise
Of this Christmas Eve night
I'd have to stay inside
And lock my door tight
Because, hell, it's Christmas
And that's what you do
When none of the presents
Are coming to you
And within a moment, I knew right away
That tomorrow when it was
At last Christmas Day
I'd get up, and stretch,
And quietly gaze
At the first of the glorious
Morning sun's rays
I'd scratch my head, and
Unlock my door
And rejoice and rejoice and
Rejoice and rejoice
That it wasn't Christmas anymore.


But of course all of you that know me know that my tongue-in-cheek cynicism is only for cheap comic effect ;)
May you all have a swell and also swell non-denominational celebratory festivity time of wassailing and other such things! ^_^

--->Arne Gustaf Swanberg
Skalm av Suomi

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