Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

A Yarn about Yarn

The yarn that blazes in my hand
Cleanses fair hill and drooping dell
Purging all darkness from the land
And villainous denizens that smell

Creation is a ball of string
And yarn, the champion of right
Let armies rise and freedom ring
And cries of triumph pierce the night

Let lands forsaken by the pall
Of plague, destruction, famine, death
Stand freed by yarn, for one and all
A battle won in one quick breath

Let light bring forth a crimson tide
Entombed in panoply of thread
And let those fearsome horsemen ride
Till darkness has been banished

A noxious host of baneful beasts
Threatens to burn the battle-fields
Let warriors roar and beat their breasts
Until that fearsome phalanx yields

O yarn, I call upon thy might
To end our everlasting war
I pray that you may set things right
And bring us peace forevermore

I long that thy most holy weave
Will be an olive branch of peace
And that its spirit never leave
And that its glory never cease

Stand up, and hold your aegis high
Stand tall, and swing your yarn in air
Fight, fight, and keep a level eye
Fight till no fighting can ye bear

Yarn is our guide in troubled years
Yarn is our god in desperate times
Yarn will stand fast and dry our tears
And end the darkness' odious crimes

~ dedicated to Altinure, I believe (Estara)

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