Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

Fragile Fate Machine


Fragile fate machine
Ticking in the alleyways
Speeding by in caravans
Looking on to better days
Frying in the firelight
Digging in the endless sand
Sleeping through a sleepless night
Candle in your hand
Waiting in a silent line
Grasping at a silken thread
Jumping off the earthly edge
Questioning if you are dead
Hearing voices in a void
From a place you cannot know
You've been to this place before
But now you cannot go
Hoping to forget yourself
Knowing that you never can
Knowing you won't be remembered
By any other living man
Thinking thoughts you never speak
Speaking those you hardly think
You are tied up with a chain
Without a single link
Running through a fetid lair
Churning, turning in a hive
Climbing a forgotten stair
Hoping that you're still alive
Hurtling to strange, future times
Knowing they have always been
Ringing out the cosmic chimes
Playing a game you cannot win
Hoping that you will not find
A demon nesting in your mind
Hoping against hope, for naught
What you do find, you never sought
In a cancerous ravine
There lies your fragile fate machine.


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