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Nexon Falsely Depicts Mukul ElderMukul Society


I've always liked Nexon. They're small, non-threatening, and have original ideas, something that can't be said for some other game companies. But, they have done something which has appalled me to the core, sickened me to the bone, and disgusted the very groundwork, the very fiber of my being. Now, even though some time has passed, I have a forum to vent my feelings on this delicate subject. Keep in mind that I am being completely honest. With the debut of Mehadi Swamp, during the event called "The Pact," Nexon shamelessly misrepresented Mukul society and all it stands for.

Now, I've read all the National Geographics on the subject, I've spoken with a few people who have also read all the National Geographics on the subject, and a few summers ago, I actually took a trip to Mehadi Swamp, which happens to be situated directly on the southern coast of India. I spoke with actual, real-life Mukul, and let me tell you something, Nexon - your blatant, slanderous depiction of this rich, diverse, and ancient people as little green wrinkled vegetables living in some despicable monster-infested morass makes me want to come right down there and sit on some delicate piece of equipment.

Let me tell you, fellow players of Dark Ages, don't believe everything you see, even in online games. The Mukul have a long heritage that cannot be summarized in a few dialog boxes, as you undoubtedly were compelled to believe by Nexon's less-than-satisfactory depiction.

First of all, Mehadi Swamp is not a swamp, it is an estuary. Calling it a swamp carries negative connotations that are unwelcome in the tolerant, accepting world we are striving to form (isn't that right, Nexon?!). The Mukul are not some sort of over-inflated chubby, sludge-wallowing Yoda-like creatures. They are the dignified, intellectually dominant leaders of an intricate ecosystem, and members of a complex society. Their skin is not lime green, but olive green. I don't know what kind of war you're trying to start, but it ain't gonna happen if I can help it!

One thing that particularly sets my blood to boiling is the idea that the Mukul consider frogs holy and have somehow evolved from frogs. I'll have you know that the color of their skin and their hunched, shortened stature comes from a vitamin deficiency, since this vitamin is not naturally available in any of the vegetation that the Mukul consume in their natural habitat. If you ate only pond-lilies and toxic fish, you'd look like that, too, Nexon!

As for the suggestion that the Mukul worship gods named Matrika and Natesh, well, that's just preposterous. They're all Jehovah's Witnesses down there. What are you, ignorant?! Sevti blossoms do not cure the Ratri sickness. They cure premenstrual syndrome. You think it's funny to attack a minority of virtually unheard-of people living over there in the eastern hemisphere, do you?! Well, I won't stand for it! So put that in your pipes and smoke it. Unh!

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