Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

Once Upon a Time There Was a Man

Once upon a time there was a man
He had a house, fifty acres of land,
A wife, ten children, and three million gold,
But as time passed and he grew old
His good wife died, his children grew,
His land turned sour and he did too,
His house turned rotten, his eyes turned dull,
His pale aged flesh clung to his skull,
His withered hands began to shake,
And everything he'd touch or take
Would wilt and rot and dry and crack;
His bones turned curved, he broke his back,
His sullen tongue twitched in his face
His idle feet stayed in one place
His tattered hair fell out in clumps
His leperous fingers turned to stumps
His wretched frame didst fall apart
His ribcage and his withered heart
The man who was once young and hale
Was now alone and ancient, frail...
And all his money could not buy
His one last wish: that he should die


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