Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

To my Love

1/2/11-To my Love”

In the forest burns a fire
What a fire! burning high
Is it someone's funeral pyre?
Is it demon or desire?
Licking at the moss and briar
Reaching to the midnight sky
As the roaring flames leap higher
Something circles round the fire
Something gazes, not with ire
But almost curious and shy
Eyes stare from the dark like embers
And the forest then remembers
Then remembers that the fire
Can't be quenched, can never tire
Its otherworldly flames of orange
Strive forever for the sky
Only the wolves can ever know it
Ever know the truth and secret
That in the flames that up aspire
Are two lovers,
You and I.

Deoch 11, 1st Moon, 2nd Sun
For Estara.

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