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To Do List

Abolish the state.
Make a point to be great.
Eat a peach.
Don't give the time of day.
Refuse to believe.
Keep to ourselves.
Devise a secret handshake
For nobody else.
Make a big lie
Out of a small truth.
Love only in theory.
Fight out our youth.
Forge our identity
Out of a stone
Pretend that we want to be
Cut off and alone
Bleed for a cause
That nobody knows
Spend the day crying
And trying on clothes.


The old lady that lives in my room
She came in through the floor
She came in through the floor
And sat down on my bed
She eats only pine straw
And says she's leaving soon
Her eyes like marbles are
Her hands like leather fruit
She says she is related
To a king. Her finger
Sports a shining diamond ring.
She says she loves to dance
And play the harp.
She says her love runs deep
And slices sharp.
Her eyes are like big raindrops
In the sand
Her lies are like a tumor
In my hand
I can't begin to tell you of the pain
As the disease inside her eats her brain.


Song For The Masses

La la la
Fa do re
Re do mi
Let's be free.


World In Reverse

Pocus hocus
Poly roly.

Moly holy.


The Four Stages of Merriment

Giggle. Love. Cavort. Party.
Prance. Smile. Laugh. Play.
Stop. Wait. Hope. Talk.
Begin again.
Drink, joke, strive, sleep.

Conversation With A Friend From Many Years Past

I hope you're OK
How is that dandruff problem?
Yeah? I sold most of my toys.
Did you find that special someone?
I'm still looking.
So what're you doing with yourself?
Huh? I'm making it.
So, do you ever look back to yesterday?
If not, stop faking it.

Meeting A Girl

Hello. So your name's Mia?
Is that short for Macadamia?
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Is that a book you're reading?
I once saw a few.
My hobbies include existence
I like your hair
Wish I had some like that
Ha. Ha. Ha.
So, can we get it on now?
That was a joke.
That was a joke.
A joke.
OK, wait, I have one more question
Do you like pizza?


Kiss me, I'm Rucesionese!
Won't somebody pass the cheese?
I'm in love with the sound of my face
I'm in lust with the taste of my race
The scabs in the soil give birth to
The crabs in the oil say words to
Shush us
The wind in the hole brings
The loss of control is neverending
There are bubbles in my veins
There is stubble on my brains
Kiss me, I'm Rucesionese
Kiss me, please.


(("An Ode To Witchblade"))

Your screen presence is first-rate
I like the way your glove
Can banish hate
I like the way your hair is everywhere
You're the sexiest cop on the force
And you've got super-powers
Witchblade, I want to buy you flowers
Witchblade, I want to spend many, many hours
Banishing evil with you.
I so wish you were real, with you
I'd never get shot at
You'd block the bullets with your wrist
Witchblade, if you should disappear,
You will be missed.
A Fan.
(P.S. You are almost as good as Xena).


(("Ode To Lakshmi"))

Lakshmi, Goddess of Money
I'm attracted to your statuette
Greek deities don't do it for me yet.
It's too bad all you care about is money
I'd have to buy you many, many things
Lakshmi, do you go to shopping malls?
Lakshmi, would you cheat on me with Mammon?
Lakshmi, do you care what car I drive?
Do you sometimes feel empty inside?
Lakshmi, would you marry a purse?
For better AND for worse?
Lakshmi, have you ever worked for something
And been paid with cheap barnacles?
I'm attracted to your statuette
Don't worry. I'll pay for it.


"The Word 'Murder' Repeated Over and Over Again Until It Loses Meaning"

Murder murder murder murder murder murder murder murder murder murder
Murder murder murder murder murder murder
Murder murder
Murder murder murder murder
(Murder) Murder.
Murder! Murder. Murder. Murder. (Murder). Murder.
U R (murder) der
Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder.
Murder. Murder.


"Light Is Good, Dark Is Evil, I Get It"

(See above).


"Angry Anatomy"

My big toe can go to hell
My head can follow it
My ribcage I despise
And equally, my eyes
My skin I just don't need
My nose, a waste of space
My mouth...perhaps to feed,
But other than that, a disgrace
My jaws, my brain, my spine,
However, are just fine.

"Deep Thoughts"

They say not to play with fire
Or you'll get burned
I wonder if fire gets told
Don't play with us
Or you'll get extinguished


(("The Short Bus To School"--A Haiku))

Crescent moon waxes
Strange people shove me on bus
So that's what they're for.

--The End--
(Thank you, here is some warm milk for you!)

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