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Greetings. Today I would like to address the issue of whiners.

There is nothing that makes me angrier than whiners. I am so angry at all whiners, that you cannot even understand at all, like, what I am talking about when I say "Whiners make me angry". My feelings towards whiners are most likely incomparable in intensity towards the feelings you have ever had towards anything.

Whiners are wasting their lives, and looking for sympathy. This makes me want to do horrible things to them, but on the contrary, I try to explain to them why they should not be whiners.

1). There are many beautiful things in life that whiners are overlooking. Only a few things in this existence are worth taking seriously: Nature, Love, and Creation (creativity, if you want, but the meanings are subtly different, which is a whole different essay). Everything else is garbage.

2). Your fate is in your own two stupid hands. Stop acting helpless. Bad things will happen to you because you are resigned whiners. For instance, in some cases, you will find that people ignore you and you have "no friends" (although, ironically, most whiners DO have friends whom THEY ignore). It is funny that in many of these cases, people are ignoring you because you whine, and they're offended that their friendship means so little to you that you complain about junk all the time. If you say, "This and this is going to happen to me," sooner or later, it will. No. I don't want to hear your fashionable depression bull. I am right, and that's that.

3). Depression and whining are self-perpetuating. If you feel bad about stuff, you feel worse about stuff. Then you feel worse. And worse. And we all have to hear about it. Guess what: Emotions can be controlled. You have a choice to feel good or bad about anything. They are YOUR reactions, make use of them to benefit YOU.

4). After the 50th time you tell us how bad your life is, no one has any sympathy for you anymore (even if they pretend, and they do, because your self-esteems are so fragile). But that's okay. Because, obviously, sympathy is no good, since you're STILL whining. See #2--other people cannot help you feel good.

5). Your situation is not bad. There are people worse off than you, and people who have been through the same things. No, I don't care what the exact circumstances of your tragic dilemma are. There are a lot of people in the world, and this still applies.

6). Love yourself before you try to love others. If you do this the wrong way around, you will use others to make you feel better about yourself. Love is about what you can do for another person, not what the other person can do for you. This is a tragic mistake. Love will not solve your problems, if you don't know how to solve your own problems, love will create many, many more.

7). People care about you. Stop trying to look like a poor, dejected, tragic figure. This is fashionable in today's age, but never attractive.

It's fine to complain once in a while. In fact, it can be an enjoyable pastime. Chronic whining about how infinitely horrible your life is, however, is exactly what will lead your life to be infinitely horrible. Pretty soon, nobody is going to like you, because whiners bring forth only revulsion or temporary pity.

Listen to what I'm saying. If I'm saying anything, it's usually gone through a complex process of me making sure that I know what I'm talking about. I am right. You are wrong. If you're offended by this, there is no hope for you.

--->Arne Gustaf Swanberg
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