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Make "King" a Poltitical Position, Dangit!


I would like to make several points regarding why "King of Temuair" should be a political position.

First of all, nothing would make me laugh harder than, a half-year or so from now, to see folks with names like "kinkysex" and "WyclefJean" wearing the robes of King Bruce and carrying around the 5,000 or so clout it would require to get into such a position. Yes, this would be very amusing to me. I am laughing already. Please make "king" a political position, please.

Secondly, King Bruce is about as interesting a monarch as a very large refrigerator. He does and has done absolutely nothing. His crowning achievement (ha ha, "crowning"…I kill myself), has been to tell people about the Dark Ages mundane contests, half of which is OOC information. Bruce lets anyone into his throne room. I have walked into his throne room without shoes and wearing a ragged shirt. I could walk in there naked and stand right in front of him, and he would just look at me dumbly and tell me to submit art. I can't even draw. What's he telling me to submit art for? I can hit him with my dagger, and there is only one soldier standing next to him. He's not even looking at me. He doesn't even move.

Not only is Bruce a completely static character, he hasn't even been used in any Nexon-developed plots or events. Heck, no one mentions Bruce ever, period. He's the King of Temuair! Can't they resurrect Ainmeal or something? He seems pretty cool. I bet I can blow kisses at him and I'll be arrested in, like, ten seconds.

However, if we have King as a political position that a player can get into, that'd be something! Something disastrous… But at least entertaining. First, someone aspiring for King would be able to receive votes from both Mileth and Rucesion. He would require a lot of votes. Not that that'd keep foolios out of office, but limiting ourselves because of possible bad consequences is no fun. A King's term would last several Deochs. He would have the power to overrule laws in any village, write any laws he wanted with the approval of a certain fraction of demagogues, and wear kickass robes. He would also be able to summon instantaneous Sgath anywhere in Temuair, just for good measure. Attacking a king's clout would automatically diminish the clout of everyone else. If someone from Mileth attacks the king, a very small amount of clout is taken from all Mileth citizens. Thus, people will have to cooperate and decide together, or else someone who goes after the king and hurts everyone's clout is going to find himself with an enemy or two who won't be too keen on losing a couple clout points.

This will allow for a goodly amount of political strife and tyranny. In fact, it may persuade a large chunk of people to abandon all citizenship, which would be interesting. The Dark Ages would become about as dark as possible. It would be quite tempting indeed for a newly-elected king to outlaw the use of red potions, ban the letter "e," or make it illegal to not commit crimes.

Or--! We could keep Bruce and not ruin Dark Ages! But who wants to read an article about that?

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