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11th Moon, 30th Sun “THE SWANBERGIAN GAZETTE” 11th Moon, 30th Sun


In a most unexpected turn in the raging civic debate between political officials and Sgrios worshippers, a group of Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activists have chopped down the community board wets of the northern gate exiting Rucesion and used its wood chips as kindling in a funeral pyre containing the bodies of three purportedly corrupt officials, according to reliable inside sources at the Rucesion Black Market.

The three Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activists moved in at night, stealthily, towards the ill-fated community board, wielding axes of gratuitous size and sharpness, and proceeded to decimate the Rucesion board into shreds, in an effort to destroy cohesive arguments against their political cause. “YAAAH!!!” one of them shouted, carrying a banner with the words, “Down With The Oppressive Anti-Sgrios Runic Terra Power Structure of Evil,” with the s’s and r’s turned backwards.

After having done this, the trio was spotted moving towards the Rucesion Village Hall. Upon arrival, they huffed, and they puffed, and they blew the hall down, using their enormous axes to chop through rafters, shingles and doors, dragging out three officials and bearing them off in the direction of Dubhaim Castle.

While being dragged, one of these officials managed to skillfully make use of a parchment, a quill and a carrier pigeon to file a lawsuit on the three Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activists without them noticing. Their trial is pending after the ashes of the judicial officers are reassembled into convincing replicas of the former individuals.

At Dubhaim Castle, the politicians were slain and set aflame while the three Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activists danced around, howled at the moon, and demanded ransom from the Rucesion Commonwealth. The Rucesion Commonwealth, in response, sent out a Special Weapons and Tactics team wielding pitchforks and slings to sedate the three Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activists. A battle broke out, which provided a diversion for the remaining politicians to draft three laws as a means of controlling future outbreaks of Sgrios-worshipping lumberjack activsim: one forbidding worshipping, one forbidding lumberjacks from seeking employment, and one forbidding activism without an activism license.

Three days after the event, mundanes carefully restored a new community board overnight and redrafted copies of all posts from their town historical records. Three were injured from the hard labor, but few complaints were reported to medical officials.

That evening, the Aislings of Rucesion went home, sat back, and went to sleep proud of their Aisling spark.

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