Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

~A Poem, I think


The myopic misanthropic androgynous marsupial
Fortuitously undulates through exponential multitudes!
And wherefore must he abdicate his throne of animosity
By falling inconceivably at terminal velocity!

Withal, his myocardial infarctions are compulsory
When he is forced to plunge by variables propulsory!
And his accompanying lecherous and treacherous verbosity
Doth make the thoroughfare below afeared of his viscosity!

Should we affix our oculars upon his physiognomy
We shall observe a veritable shift in the hypothesis
That the dorsiflexed attachment was simply, hypothetically,
Placed thereat by instruments that fixed it there prosthetically!

Do not dispute validites of societal dynamics
The myopic misanthropic marsupial duly panics!
Because, while its vectorous trajectory is changeable
The multitudinous vestiges of life are not arrangeable

And thusly we have proven the view held understandably
By numerous eruditionists who defend it reprimandably
And prove thereby the relativistic masochistic sophistry
Of topiary bushes which participate in orchestra!

And in totality, this construction rhythmic, versological
Appears in appearance to appear entirely illogical
Which is to say ridiculous and utterly innate
Spastic fantastic periodontal unmatriculate!


--->Arne Gustaf Swanberg
Skalm av Suomi
Lord of the Gruesomeflies


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