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2nd Moon, 23rd Sun "THE SWANBERGIAN GAZETTE" 2nd Moon, 23rd Sun

"Loures Council Enacts New, 'Perverted' Economic Policy"


In a move that has drawn both harsh criticism and laudatory applause from every corner of Temuair, the Loures Legislative Council of Economic Affairs has ratified a new, "perverted" economic policy as of last week.

The Council, which has been at work on the bill for many moons, has finally passed it and put it into effect after hot and heavy debate regarding various delicate clauses of the ingenious and erotic economic policy. Signed and put into effect by His Serene Majesty King Bruce himself, the policy is now in its one-year trial period.

"After much deliberation, we simply had to recognize the importance of a .... tight .... -- tight money policy in this realm," commented one of the councilmen. "To, uh, aid the creditors of western Temuair in collecting war debts from the Undine-Loures conflict."

"There is certainly a distinct NEED in this nation for HARD ... money," said the Chief Councilman, shifting his eyes and sweating from under the collar.

The unusual plan, which calls for the stricter regulation of circulating currency and a trade embargo on villages allied with the Undine cause, as well as a new budget plan for the Loures government, appears to be a hit with a large segment of the wealthy classes, especially in Suomi.

"I think this explicit and perverted economic policy is just what we need to ERECT a strong and steady budget," commented Greta von Hemmersdag, a young planter's daughter from Lakeland. "I strongly agree with the plan's idea of PENETRATING to the root of this realm's economic problems and also making use of the virgin lands of the Great Plains and Undine Fields to produce new varieties of cash crops. Mmm-mmm. I am shuddering in aroused anticipation of this LONG... -awaited economic policy".

However, not everyone has been as EXCITED by Loures's decision. In fact, mercantile interests in Abel Port are quite frustrated at the embargo clause of the act, and debtors fear that due to the tight money policy that has been instituted, they will be unable to maintain (a steady flow of income to pay their debts).

"I feel this policy is thrusting itself upon me, raping me of my one chance at paying off what I owe to our tyrannical, busy-bodied government," said an angered peasant from eastern Piet Village. "I'm not just going to lie down and let the government do me like this. It's time we make a stand against this perverted new economic policy and render it impotent."

Whatever the eventual decision may be, Loures has not been well-known for listening to public outcry to its policies. In a statement exclusively to the Gazette, King Bruce announced that he was extremely turned on by the idea of the new policy, waving his phallic scepter in the air, portending an uncertain future.

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