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Ch-d-l Now Teaches Mileth College Class.

from the "Swanbergian Gazette", 10th Moon, 14th Sun. Deoch 10

Reliable sources from the depths of Kadath have it that the supreme incarnation of all evil, dark god Ch-d-l, is now teaching a regular class once per double-moon in the Mileth College Philosophy building, regarding the topic of Evil.

This class, expected to be extremely popular among evil Aislings and mundanes alike, will require a new wing addition to the campus to accommodate the large numbers of students that are predicted to enroll. Ch-d-l, who has been an esteemed professor of the humanities in Kadath for the past 8,000,000 aeons, has not yet tried his hand at this subject matter, his favorite. His previous work experience consists of teaching such subjects as speedwriting, cartography, physical education and Kadath history.

"I really think my new class will provide an excellent opportunity for me to dissolve some of the misconceptions that have been plaguing the delicate field of Evil Studies and educate those who are unversed in the practices of Evil" commented Ch-d-l about his new class.


The rigorous curriculum of "Evil 101", as the class will be called, is based heavily on hands-on demonstrations and numerous field trips to Temuair's greatest hot spots of evil, such as Salachar, the Ice Mountains of Kadath, the Hexagram of Astrid, the Village of the Undines, the Throne of Ch-d-l, and the Mileth Hall. Lectures presented by Ch-d-l in our very own Philosophy building will cover such topics of Basic Evil as:

Taking Candy From A Baby
Virgin Sacrifices
Danaan Desecration Etiquette
How To Write A Business Letter
Multitasking Evil
101 Things To Do With Glioca Followers


Evil-Lite for Beginners.

An advanced course in Evil is in the works in the case that this upcoming class is successful.
Ch-d-l welcomes all!
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