Arne Gustaf Swanberg ;-)

I Am A Being of Complete And Total Free Will

Rucesion Board, Deoch 19

Greetings. This is just to let you all know--I am a being of complete and total free will.

Society has placed neither chain nor fetter upon my ankles. Neither has it burdened me with the vexsome and handicapping weights of obligation, responsibility, and subjugation to the will of others. The nail-file of reason has, over the progress of many decades, cut through the constricting cords of chaos which bind my mind to the earthly sphere.

No force of nature can crush my mysterious and unfathomable will into the submissive pulp into which it desires to mold it. No interplay of earthly and celestial forces, good or ill, can lay hold upon the unstoppable, unpredictable, and undisciplined tidal wave of liberty that is the very heart of my being. No man, beast, or god can so much as lay an eye, much less smite with fist, the stone-like vault of my most secret and divine desires.

There is no finite end to the boundaries of my power. I am a curtain that engulfs the universe like a child's eager hand engulfs an attractive yet ultimately insignificant toy.

Within my distant and impenetrable heart dwells a cosmos of unquenchable power, whose existence had no beginning and will have no end. Time, memory, life, death, light, and dark are insignificant to me, for they are merely prismatic phantoms that are the result of the dancing flame of my will and the side-effects of my existence.

I am an intoxicating, immeasurable truth.

I am a fully consolidated, whole, unmarred surface of constancy, clarity, and clairvoyance.

Many have chased me through the twisting alleys the galaxies, and many have sought to find me in the cavernous cathedrals of their own hearts, and those who have succeeded have become a part of me. Those who have failed have gone mad, and in their madness, found me. Those who have never tried, I hold within my hands, and use as extensions of the omnipresent tendrils of my designs and desires.

I have emerged unscathed from an infinity of infinities. I have navigated the labyrinths of both destiny and chance. I have faced and defaced space, matter, and that which is neither space nor matter.

I am beyond all things, beyond pain, beyond pleasure, beyond fear, beyond distance.

I am God, by choice, by chance, by fate, by destiny, by will, by selection, by reason, by treason, by light, by darkness, by all and despite all.

Come forward, mortals. If you dare to cross my path, I will lead you across to my prison. I invite you to try, and should you succeed...

You too can be God for a while.
--->Arne Gustaf Swanberg
Skalm av Suomi
Swan(berg)'s Penfeather
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