Unseelie Court:

The wedding of Arne Him Gustaf and Estara

This record starts off right inside Mileth Chapel! Any stars like this * have explanations that I thought might be useful. Hover over them with your mouse (everyone but users of Netscape 6.2 can see them)

Lathen: And a fast Shadowserver*! 0_0
Larsius: Hi there shadow
Morrigan: *passes out cookies*
Larsius: I wish I had known to come [to your mass*]
Lothe: yay!^_^
Sybil: *hugs*
Estara: hello me loveliest
Larsius: I forgot there was even a mass schedule
Lothe: *munches on cookie*
Lothe: hee;)
Larsius: they need cinnamon
Lothe: Well, every doublemoon.
Swanberg: All right, then, who's getting married?! =P
Larsius: but the chocolate is great
Morrigan: *Gives Shadow a Cookie*
Lothe: Not like there won't be another one;p
ShadowServer: I wanna cookie ^_^
Estara: *big hug*
ShadowServer: yay! *munches happily*
Sybil: *coughs* you
Swanberg: *grins*
Morrigan: *Watches cookie explode*
Larsius: Deoch will probably toss me in a gutter soon
collins: hahaha
Lothe: Trouble in Swanbergland, when the memory core fails!
Estara: hello Lathen
ShadowServer: doh
Larsius: I haven't been to mass in a deoch or two
Lathen: *pokes Lothe*
CatzaNova" not sure what it does but here [hands me Aiofe's Gift*]
Lothe: hee!;p
collins: yob
Estara: and Penela and
Swanberg: Yobguad =)
Estara: awww
CatzaNova" ;)
Morrigan: don't worry shadow ^_^
Estara: thanks
Lathen: Wow, even Yob made it!
Sybil: Yob!
ShadowServer: why do they always explode
Yobguad: congrats
Estara: wow
CatzaNova" you and Arne can have some fun
Swanberg: Thanks for cominggg =)
Larsius: who is performing the service?
CatzaNova" hehe
Estara: wow even
ShadowServer: ?
Estara: tehee
Yobguad: or condolences... or something
Lothe: Do tell.
CatzaNova> I bet we will
collins: heh
Swanberg: *grin* ^_^
Larsius: you know?
Yobguad: *looks for a seat*
Estara: *growls*
CatzaNova: be back ;)
Yobguad: yipe!
collins: Bother, where's my wife.
Estara: no scaring the groom
Larsius: *wishes Ki was here, she said she would be about 30 min ago*
Swanberg: Owww
collins: I thought he was already?
Lathen: ^_^
Yobguad: *waves at Sybil*
Viriane> well the wedding will be soonest
Estara: yes, we should
viriane" ooo okies ;)
Estara: whisper all the people
Morrigan: coookie!
Sybil: *blows kisses*
Rephin: Trade seats with me, Yobguad.
Estara: who might want to come
Estara: so no one
Larsius: Swanie, Estara, who is performing the service?
CatzaNova" tell me when yer starting...
Estara: gets angry later
Lothe: Swanberg...you're SURE you're with the right person?
Yobguad: *bows*
Swanberg: ShadowServer =)
Estara: I had hoped for Espharess*
Lothe: That might be the priest performing the service.
Estara: but he can't
Yobguad: *sits*
Larsius: too bad =[
ShadowServer: *chokes* wha?
Estara: so it will be Shadow
Estara: hehehe
Swanberg: Well, I have kinda been falling in love with Naomhan*...
Morrigan: Shadow is performing?
Penela: hehe
Swanberg: He has such a nice spoon...
Estara: hmm
Estara: he has nice dark eyes
ShadowServer: i am?
Estara: *looks objectively*
Larsius: I guess so
Larsius: better think fast
Estara: it seems so, love
Morrigan: ((We all have dark eyes))
Estara: just as I had asked
Penela: ((haha))
ShadowServer: crud I hate ceremonies
Swanberg" Love, Shadow's our priestess, right?
Estara: oooooo
Estara: she is here
Estara: Kibibe
Morrigan: I'll DO IT~!
viriane" when shall i come to the church?
Morrigan: *giggles*
Larsius: she is here!
Estara: naw
Estara: Shadow will
Estara: I asked her
collins: be back in a min
Estara: and I performed her wedding
collins: sorry
ShadowServer: darn
Larsius: *smiles*
Viriane> right about now would be good
viriane" alright ;)
Larsius: Ki is on her way!
ShadowServer: i dont think she'll let me get out of this
Deksar> you missing the wedding Deks
Estara: indeed
Estara: she will
Estara: *hugs the breath out of Morry*
Yobguad: Couldn't miss this... event of the deoch

Wedding Finery

Our wedding finery: now THAT is what I hunted to insight 41 for!

ShadowServer is live

o/ We're off to see the mundane, the mundane priest of Mileth

Estara feels very fuzzy

Lots of friends have come - even if they only observe :) - like Etienne ;)

Yobguad shows off his excellent social skills :p - Sybil always had great taste in men :D.

Yobguad compliments the occasion


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