Morrigan: gaaa.....
Penela: ((well I was there for lars' first joining *pulls tongue*))
Estara: aww thanks :) we can hope, Yob
Elexi> good to see ye too
Lathen: *pokes*
Swanberg: Ow
Elexi" heya.
Morrigan: Shadow needs a big hug!
ShadowServer: too bad I'm stuck, can't preform ^_^
Penela: its silent 0_o
Larsius: (( =-P ))
Morrigan: *Hugs*
ShadowServer: erk
Penela: *whistles*
ShadowServer: ^^; oookay
Diamanda: too ugly? hehe
Larsius: *long distance telephatic hug to Shadow*
Morrigan: *Still determend form yesterday*
Swanberg: *laughs* =)
ShadowServer: DOH!
Yobguad: I brought a basket of little squidlets...
ShadowServer: ack
Diamanda: I feel like you on a dare :P
Yobguad: toss at the happy couple.
Sybil: ohh
Estara: hehe
Estara: ye can move now
Lothe: Squidlets? I wanted Clams! >_<
Swanberg: *grin* Mine was worse =P
ShadowServer: gee thanks Penela :p
Larsius: clams...
Penela: hehe
Larsius: ...the happy couple will slip and kiss themselves
Hanzeus: who's wedding?
Estara: *starts hopping exitedly*
Larsius: *thinks* cherry Petals!
Larsius: lets trow cherry petals
Yobguad: Clams only come in cases, not baskets.
ShadowServer: ((*is realllly enjoyable not being a snail*))
Lothe: I don't care!=P
Estara: hehe
Larsius: ((get some Fushigi Yugi style shots of them with cherry petals ))
Estara: hello Viriane
Swanberg: Where do we stand, oh venerable clergywomen?
viriane: ello ;)
Larsius: Hi Han
ShadowServer: ^^;
Larsius: hey over there Viri
Hanzeus: hi
ShadowServer: uhhh somewhere?
Estara: so what happened to Kibibe?
Lathen: *giggles*!
Swanberg: Somewhere. OKAY! ^_^
Penela: ((gosh old people :P))
Larsius: she is still coming
Larsius: ((talking to her mom in real life at the same time))
ShadowServer: hmm
Estara: we can wait a bit more
Estara: awww
Larsius: love!!!
Kibibe: *pokes*
Morrigan: *Grins evilishly*
Lothe: :p
Kibibe: hehehe hi
Larsius: *hugs her tight*
Penela: ((*remembers deoch 3*))
Larsius: come sit
ShadowServer: Morrigan you need a blue Elle liike everyone else :p
Morrigan: NO~!
Estara: heey
Morrigan: I REFUSE
Larsius: Hey there Dek
ShadowServer: hehe
Estara: that is me favourite garment
Morrigan: WAAAHA
Sybil: *polishes wedding pebbles*
Swanberg: It matches the rug!
Larsius: I wish this many people turned out for our wedding
Estara: Morrigan love
ShadowServer: hehe
Kibibe: ((got to get something))
Estara: *grins*
Estara: could ye move a bit
Morrigan: what?
Morrigan: oh~!
Hanzeus: heh, I just woke up from a nap in the corner
Swanberg: *chuckles* =)
Larsius: *hugs Ki and sits with her on the corner of the bench*
Morrigan: how'd I get up here?
Estara: so we can get to Shadow at the altar?
Estara: *grins*
Estara: I love the idea of yer marrying
CatzaNova: =)
Estara: us in the wedding gown
Swanberg: *laughs*!
Swanberg: That'd be funny... =)
Estara: *nod nod*
Morrigan: *Eyes Shadow oddly*
Lathen: *pokes Lothe from afar*
Swanberg: Does anyone have a wedding gown? =P
Lothe: Owwww
Hanzeus: umm... I got a tux
Larsius: *ducks the long distance poke*
ShadowServer> put on wedding gown pleassssssse
Yobguad: Swanny would look good in a gown too.
Lothe: I will poke you back for that, Lathen...sometime, somewhere...
Lothe: it'll come:p
Swanberg: I would.
ShadowServer: eheh ^^; *looks at Morrigan*
ShadowServer> *pouts*
Sybil: hehe
Estara: hmmmm
Estara: awwwwww
ShadowServer: finwe i will :p
Swanberg: With a veil, too.
Swanberg: Awesome =)
Yobguad: Maybe all of us -except- estara should wear them...
ShadowServer: bionic staff arm!
Estara: *nod nod*
Estara: *grins*
Morrigan: YES!
Estara: not Arne
Larsius: Shes got a fork for an arm! look out!
Estara: I want to remember him in the Paluten
Lothe: EEEEEEk
Estara: he is wearing it so rarely
Yobguad: Ah. His High Falutin Paluten
Morrigan: Oooooooh SHADOW~!
CatzaNova: hehe
Estara: *winks*
CatzaNova: My old lucky paluten!
CatzaNova: ;P
Morrigan: ssshhhhaaaaadow
Swanberg: I call it my Nuptial Jumpsuit.
ShadowServer: ?
Estara: indeed
ShadowServer: whhhhaaat?
Morrigan: sssshhhhhaaaaaaadoooow
Swanberg: *laughs*
Morrigan: I know what you want
ShadowServer: wwhhhaaattttttttt?
Swanberg: Boy, what an echo.
ShadowServer: ah no
Estara: *Gets confused*
Estara: okay
Larsius: *is lost confused and still having a lot of fun*
Estara: so...
Estara: everyone here?

I'll introduce the guests of the wedding mass now, shall I?
To the left of the altar in the first memory we have: Yobguad and Sybil,
Arilinn and Elexi,
Viriane and Rephin,
Padhmae and CatzaNova.

On the right aisle are:
Lathen (Altinure) and Larsius and Kibibe,
Lothe and Etienne,
Penela and Hanzeus,
Deksar and Diamanda,
Morrigan (Catz and Padhmae moved there later on)..

Difficulties in getting to the altar

Since I didn't want to get married in the everyday wedding gown, this was the only way that anyone was going to wear one at my wedding ;)

ShadowServer is a prettzy bride

Morrigan has some sinister plans of her own, it seems...

A sinister Morrigan

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Unseelie Court

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