Swanberg: Hemloch, yay ^_^
CatzaNova: ;)
collins: *hordes the rum*
Yobguad: More booze for Rephin!
Rephin: *click* Does not compute... no booze... *click*
Rephin: *spazzes out*
Estara: hey MOrrigan
Yobguad: *suddenly kisses Sybil*
Estara: that looks good
Estara: hmm
Sybil: ohhh
Elexi: sd;gh
Morrigan: erm?
collins: *chugs 3 bottles at once*
Estara: Diamanda
Rephin: Functions... shutting... down... need... alcoho... l...
CatzaNova: lol
Estara: can look pretty bad
CatzaNova: maybe not :P
collins: *throws bottle to reph*
Elexi: have some mineral water instead
Yobguad: I don't know why, but I love yer new hair...
Swanberg: What can't I take?!
CatzaNova: your leather
Sybil: *laughs*
CatzaNova: :P
Rephin: POISON!!!
Estara: cause you got good taste
Swanberg: Doh
Swanberg: I have too many presents =P
CatzaNova: haha
ShadowServer: bah
Sybil: finally someone does!
Elexi: Bottoms up, guy! :D
Rephin: *tosses mineral water away*
CatzaNova: and your wearing mine
CatzaNova: hehe
Swanberg: Yeah ;)
CatzaNova: an it looks good
Estara: *takes pictures*
Rephin: Must... have... alcoholic... beverage...
collins: *throws rum to reph*
Lothe: Toughies, Rephin.
Swanberg: Thanks ^_^
Lothe: Swannie first=P
Estara: Everyone say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
CatzaNova: hehe
Swanberg: Har har, I can't get rid of anything =P
Rephin: Spinach
Morrigan: COOOOOKIE~!
collins: Blooggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Lothe: cheeeeeeeseeeeeeeeee
Sybil: *looks fer rum*
Yobguad: *hands Sybil a glass of Rum and Hemloch with an umbrella*
Estara: *Growls*
CatzaNova: well you can have back later =P
collins: haha
Lothe: Yes, Elexi, well said!
ShadowServer: *wants a non-exploding cookie*
Swanberg: Okat ^_^
Sybil: ohhh *drinks*
collins: hehe
Anthea: they really need to make more hats
Elexi: *laughs*

Arne just collects too much junk, his pockets are always full.

Arne has too much stuff

So now CatzaNova has to carry Arne's red dwarfish leather around, while Arne is wearing his paluten, it seems *scratches head*.

Who is wearing whose clothes?

I'm trying to get smiles for my memories,

Cheeese pleaaase

instead I get strange exclamations...

awww come on, cheeeeeeeeese


I want more! >> on to the after-wedding bits on the next page

Unseelie Court

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