Rephin: Time for a round of singing!
Yobguad: Cheers!
Lothe: Cheeerrrrrrssssssssss!
Morrigan: only one way to get that shadow
Elexi: Yeah! Song and dance!!!
Estara: although
Estara: cause its the day it is
ShadowServer: ermmm maybe not then
Estara: could I have
Anthea: I wouldn't mind one like a tiara *grins*
Rephin: o/` Macho macho monk... Macho Monk! I wanna be... a Macho
Estara: the gorget gown
Rephin: Monk! o/`
Yobguad: o/` In Piet staid ein hofbrau house
ShadowServer: huh?
Estara: for a sec
Elexi: *laughs*
ShadowServer: oh
Sybil: dance YaY
Rephin: *laughs*
ShadowServer: *plugs ears*
Yobguad: o/` eins zwei zufa!
Swanberg: O_O
Estara: *coughs*
Swanberg: Such unusual songs!
Estara: o/ Ayaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Rephin: *beep* Target acquired. Cute girl. *beep*
Yobguad: What shall we sing Swanny?
Estara: o/ Ayaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Swanberg: *barrels shatter* Yay, Temuair's #1 hit Ayaseen ^_^
Lothe: yesss:p
Rephin: *laughs*
CatzaNova: wish i was a mileth guard i could win easy
CatzaNova: hahaha
Yobguad: *laughs*
Estara: o/ Ayaseeeeeniiiiilaaaaaaabeeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
collins: o/' Bloog, bloog, bloog, bloog, bloogggggggggggggggggggggggg
Estara: o/ Yoawwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaadddyouwaaaaaaaadimefeddddddddddddda
Swanberg: *hums "Elegy For King Bruce's Thong Underwear"*
Estara: o/ benilbessssssssssaaaaaadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
Estara: o/ Salamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Lothe" ((Hrmph, we should do a number from Cats or something;p))
Estara: come on Lothe sing a long
CatzaNova: My EARS! owwww
Estara: o/ Salaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Rephin: o/` I like big butts and I cannot lie... o/`
CatzaNova: =P
ShadowServer: *puts apple in Estara's mouth*
Swanberg: ((LOL))
Yobguad: *considers composing a sonata for bloog and screams*
collins: *passes bag of cotton balls to catz*
CatzaNova: you other brothers can't deny
Lothe: Naw, I'd kill us all...couldn't carry a tune to save our lives
Lothe: :p
Swanberg: o/` The other brothers can't deny o/`
Estara: o/ ia chabibi *mumbles round apple* sooooooloooooomodddddddddddddd
CatzaNova: hehe
Rephin: *laughs*
Estara: O/ youwooooooooooodd, youwwooooodmffeeeeeedaaaa
Estara: o/ bemlbssssssssaaaaaadddddmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sybil: *tries to listen*
collins: *hands cotton balls to everyone*
Estara: *bows*
Swanberg: *eats cotton balls*
Pahdmae: thank ye
Yobguad: *claps loudly* Estara everyone! Isn't she great...
Swanberg: *claps*!
Rephin: *eats cotton ball* I NEED BOOZE!
Pahdmae: i needed those
Lothe: *surreptitiously stuffs cottonballs in ears*
CatzaNova: o/whats new pussy cat woah woah pussy cat pussycat o/
Pahdmae: *puts cotton balls in ears*
Estara: *bows very gracefully*
Swanberg: *laughs* =P
ShadowServer: *unplugs ears*
collins: *pulls cotton out*
collins: very nice
Estara: thanks

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Unseelie Court

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