ShadowServer: hehe
Rephin: bLoOg?
collins: *dipps cotton in Hemloch* hmmm...not too bad
Yobguad: o/` Touched on the ground, I'm lost and I'm found...
Rephin: got hemloch?
Pahdmae: ewww
ShadowServer: ive been around and got some weiiird stuff
Yobguad: o/` and I'm hungry like the Estara
Swanberg: o/` Ground control to Major Tom... o/`
CatzaNova: o/I need a girl that i can train o/
Elexi: o/' and do I dream again o/'
Rephin: AHAHA
Elexi: o/' fo now I find o/'
CatzaNova: hehe
Morrigan: ooooh Shadow.....
Elexi: o/' the phaaaantom of the opera is there o/'
Swanberg: o/` AMAAAAAAZING SWAN o/`
Pahdmae: *removes cotton..cant seem to hear*
ShadowServer: ?
Elexi: o/' inside my mind o/'
Swanberg: o/` HOW SWEEET THE SOUND o/`
Estara: o/ so darling there you are...
Morrigan: hehehe
Estara: o/ with that look on your face..
Pahdmae: did ye sing something Hon?
ShadowServer: ^^; wwwwhat?
Rephin: o/` Zero bottles of wine in the bar... zero bottles of
Rephin: wine... o/`
Morrigan: hehehehe
Yobguad: o/` Sy-y-y-ybil. I know this world is killing ye
Anthea: *giggles*
Elexi: o/' to lose along the way! o/'
CatzaNova: huh what nothing at all...
Morrigan: you still thinking about it
CatzaNova: hehe
Estara: o/ as if you never hurt, as if you're never down..
Rephin: *breaks down and sobs* Where's the booze?
Elexi: o/' the spark that set their flame o/'
Pahdmae: i saw yer lips move
Elexi: o/' to flicker and to fade o/'
ShadowServer: ^^;;;;;; ahhh well i er
Elexi: o/' on this the only day o/'
collins: *pulls out emergency bag of wine*
Sybil: *drinks*
Estara: o/shall I be the one for you who pinches you softly but true
Morrigan: hahaha
collins: *starts drinking*
Estara: o/ and if you show a frown, then I know that you are no dreame
Morrigan: don't tell me
Estara: r :)
ShadowServer: *drinks another hemloch*
Morrigan: you forgot already?
collins: it's mineeeeeeeeeeeeeee
CatzaNova: o/i took her out it was a friday night i walk alone o/
Swanberg: *hugs*
Yobguad: Attention everyone! Do not drink the -red- hemloch!
Rephin: BEEP
ShadowServer: uhh no
Estara: *hugs tight*
CatzaNova: o/to get the feeling right o/
collins: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
collins: :P NEVER
Rephin: NINE
ShadowServer: *drinks a red hemloch* what?
Swanberg> :) but all the other songs are true too :)
Sybil: noooo
Swanberg: o/` Rephin Is Going on a Homicidal Rampage o/`
Rephin: EIGHT
Pahdmae: *sniff sniff* have ye been drinking and ye didnt
Rephin: SEVEN
Swanberg: o/` Tralalalala o/`
Pahdmae: give me any?
Rephin: SIX
collins: *tries to disappear*
Rephin: FIVE
CatzaNova: no this is normal
Rephin: FOUR
collins: workkkk
CatzaNova: hehe
Rephin: THREE
Rephin: TWO
Swanberg> you can now imagine me bopping to Ain't Nobody *grins*
collins: it's mineeeeeeeeeeeee
Rephin: ONE
collins: hahaha
Pahdmae: oh well...*wonders what he is like drunk*
Swanberg" *laughs* I went to the [memories for Arne, which unfortunately got deleted] journal, but sans music =)
Yobguad: It's made from people! Peeeeeeople!
CatzaNova: hehehe
CatzaNova: ummm
Lothe: eek!
CatzaNova: the same>?
Swanberg" It's really nice, love =)
CatzaNova: =p
Swanberg> *growls*.. cause of the loading time.. or did in fact
Pahdmae: worse?
ShadowServer: ooh really Yob? it tastes great!
Swanberg> no player work? *sighs*... ah well, glad ye like the
CatzaNova: well least that way its easier to get what ya want
collins: neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Elexi: I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
Rephin: BAR FIGHT!!!!
Yobguad: Well, that's what Iheard.
CatzaNova: *laughs*
Swanberg> pictures :)
Swanberg" *nodnod* ;)
Morrigan: oooh Shadooooow
Pahdmae: i think it works the other way dear
ShadowServer: *looks at Morrigan staring at her* ummmm

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