Swanberg: *surveys*
Donblas: My brother has yet to come.
Estara: *micro manages all over*
Penela: *hides*
Swanberg: *suspiciously*
Donblas: I am just dropping off something he asked me to make.
Estara: oh, who is that?
Larsius: *raises his and Ki's hand* we're here
Donblas: Roon
Estara: ooooo
Morrigan: riight
Estara: indeed
Yobguad: Dearly beloved...
Estara: *nod nod* ... we are gathered here today..
Penela: *is hidden*
Morrigan: sssssshhhhhhaaaaaaadddddddooooooowww....
ShadowServer: *plays with her suddenly faster suits*
Estara: to get through this thing called life
ShadowServer: bug me laater :p
Swanberg: Hemloch!
Estara: 0/ lets go crazy
Yobguad: ...and to have a party!
Estara: *bops*
Estara: o/ lets get nuts
Hanzeus: yaaay, hemlock!
Swanberg: *eyes bug out*
Sybil: ohh
Estara: ((*sighs* no one knows Prince anymore))
Sybil: *drools*
Larsius: wow...that is a LOT of hemlock @_@
Estara: awww
Swanberg: Oh my goodness...
Lothe: Ah, it gets worse Lars=P
Estara: they love you
Larsius: worse?
Yobguad: ((I'm saving the music for the reception, Estara))
Lothe: This IS an Unseelie wedding, you know=P
Larsius: there is no chicken to go with it?
Swanberg: *sniffle* All this hemloch... just for our wedding...
Larsius: ohhh no
Hanzeus: good for kamakazi hunting
Penela: hehe
Lothe: Naw.
Morrigan: I KNOW what you WANT shadow
Estara: well I have some cherries
Estara: in Piet
Estara: Hello Roon, love
Swanberg: Hi Roon =)
Roon: hello :)
Morrigan: I know what your thinking Shadow!
ShadowServer: oh quiet you :p
Lothe: O Insane ONe=P
Lathen: Silly 'ol Roon
ShadowServer: that you're loud?
Lathen: *pokes him*
Estara: hehe
Swanberg: All you people look too good. You'll never win the worst-
Estara: *looks around again*
Swanberg: dressed contest =P
Estara: okay
Roon: Anthea is coming
Estara: ready ....
Estara: oh
Roon: She just didn't know when it was :/
Estara: *feels like a horse with a false start*
CatzaNova: there swanny =P
Penela: well if I dressed as a guard maybe :P
Estara: *Growls*
Estara: I put it up often enough
Swanberg: Is she the last?
Estara: I guess so
Lothe: No! ChubChub comes!
Estara: who??
Swanberg: Oh, right, ChubChub...
Lothe: That's ChunbunIV to you=P
Lathen: ChubunIV
Swanberg: Oh, I thought he was made up =P
Estara: *hangs on to bridesmaid 1*
Lothe: noooo siree;p
CatzaNova: thats lazy wizzie!
Estara: *gnawing on her fingernails*
Morrigan: Anthea is coming....
Morrigan: you sure?
Lathen: *pokes Yobgaud from afar*
Yobguad: Ack
Estara: *while bridesmaid 2 looks frozen*
Sybil: *hugs*
Swanberg: *rotates fiercely*
Estara: *who is priestess as well*
Lothe: eek!
Sybil: am not
Yobguad: *tosses a drunken squidlet at Lathen*
Estara: *leans into hug*
Lathen: *throws a special poke pebble at Sybil*
Estara: yer bridesmaid 1
Lothe: Swanberg is rotationizing...
Roon: *is going for some rum later*
Yobguad: All grooms do that before the wedding
ShadowServer: are you gonna get drunk and start alot of trouble?
Morrigan: *Pokes Lothe and Runs*
collins: heh
Lothe: eek:p

Awww, all that hemloch: The Unseelies really know what will make Arne happy :D. All hail Roon and brother Donblas. and of course Morrigan.

Difficulties in getting to the altar

Oh right, and Roon was there too, just like Anthea :D.

ShadowServer is a prettzy bride

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Unseelie Court

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