Swanberg: Yes, it's an old Suomi tradition... yeaah... =p
Roon: Sure.. whatever you want shadow ;)
Sybil: *throws painted pebbles at Lathen*
Estara: *hugs and rotates with Arne*
Lothe: ;p
Yobguad: Or else they just stand there looking stiff and confused
ShadowServer: *throws a rock at Lothe and grins*
Swanberg: *hugs back and grins happily* =)
collins: hehe, i didnt do that, I'm from suomi, Ipaced a hole in the
collins: ground
Morrigan: Anthea ^_^
Penela: under what bench did I put the explosive pebble?
Lothe: Long live Suomi's near-forgotten traditions... :p
ShadowServer: uhh yeah you do that
Anthea: *sneaks in*
Penela: I forget
Anthea: Morri! *hugs*
Yobguad: *laughs*
Swanberg: Hi, Anthea =)
Anthea: Hi!!
ShadowServer: ANTHY :)
Anthea: SO sorry I'm late
Estara: hello hello
Anthea: SHADOW!! *waves*
Estara: aww
Morrigan: *pulls Anthea over here*
Sybil: Hi! *waves*
Estara: *remembers Zervus wedding*
Estara: *where they had to wait one hour
Swanberg: So is ChubChub a real person?!
Estara: to get the whole cermony up*
Lothe: Should be.. .:p
Penela: *remembers all the weddings*
Lothe: ChubunIV, that is.
Estara: we are in pretty good time
Larsius: Fair day
Anthea: *wonders where napie is*
Sybil: oh yes *recalls*
Penela: I saw too much to count them all :p
Roon: ahh! the chameleon priestess! (())
Estara: well then
Estara: *grins*
Morrigan: gone....
Morrigan: for now...
Swanberg: Yes, we don't want this to be one of those quickie Rucesion
Anthea: hmm
Swanberg: weddings.
Estara: they have any?
Swanberg: These people must wait and SUFFER!!
Anthea: maybe you should tell me later...for now lets have a little
Anthea: fun :)
Estara: they must be so quick, that I didn't realize it
Swanberg: No, but I just made that up =)
ShadowServer: waaait?
Swanberg: *laughs*
Estara: *grins*
Penela: *dies*
Estara: hey no hitting me groom
ShadowServer: ((as long as you realize im on a budget* :p))
Sybil: *chants* Mileth..Mileth Yay
Estara: sure
collins: *snores* ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz
Lothe: Mileth, no!=-P
Estara: *calms down*
Estara: go on Shadow
Penela: mileth mileth!
ShadowServer: ((which im probably gonna overspend AGAIN))
Swanberg: No sleeping and no dying! =P
Estara: awww
Penela: woooo ooooooh!
ShadowServer: uhhh yeah
Estara: ((*hugs in thought*))
ShadowServer: ummmmmmmm
Pahdmae: *kisses CAtz gently on the lips*
Yobguad: Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethah today.
Pahdmae: *smiles*
ShadowServer: we're here to ummm do something
Estara: *nod nod*
Pahdmae: hi
ShadowServer: something to do with ummm weddings
Estara: *nod nod*
Estara: indeed
Swanberg: Don't scare me like that, Shadow! =P
Sybil: *giggles*
Estara: *feels very overconfident*
ShadowServer: and Estara and Swanberg and a lot of hemloch
Estara: *beams like a loon*
Lothe: "
ShadowServer: it must be their wedding~!
Yobguad: *claps uncontrollably*
ShadowServer: *looks at cue cards*
Penela: wee
Estara: *sighs, thinking of probable wedding night*
Lothe" ((Don't worry about screenshots *...I have so many now,
Lothe" it's not even funny=P))

collins: *thinks it won't matter, cause arne will be too trashed to
collins: remember*
Swanberg: *stands straight and salutes* =P
Lothe> :) AND I am recording...that should be one hell of a memory
ShadowServer: ooookay do either of you wanna say some stuff
Estara: hmm
ShadowServer: so Idont have to stand here looking like an idiot?
Roon: ((*slips in a get out of jail card to confuse her ;)*))
Estara: yes, cause I can't keep still
Estara: I will say what I said before
Estara: yer heart is safe in me hands, and I love you, Arne
Swanberg: I love you too, mein Herz.
Swanberg: My heart =)
Estara: *grins relievedly*
Sybil: awww *sniffles*
Lothe: :)
Roon: *smiles*
Swanberg> Ya tebya lyublyu, [insert real name, which I won't :p]
Swanberg" I ya tebya. And I you =)

Hemloch and wedding nights don't mix. Maybe that's why the wedding crasher picks it up?

Anthea sneeks in


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