Estara: *Growls*
Swanberg" So are we going to Piet? =)
Swanberg" I ended up in Rucesion somehow!!
Estara: hah
Estara: that looks good
Estara: not ugly
Swanberg: Whew
Swanberg> Shadow removed us from Chapel
Swanberg: Ohhhh =P
Swanberg: *laughs*
Swanberg: Eep!
Estara: hmm
Swanberg: More stuffs!
Estara: yer full?
CatzaNova: i cant manage to look ugly
Swanberg: Yep
CatzaNova: 0.o
Swanberg: What'd you get, love? ;)
Estara: sure ye could
Estara: hmmm
Swanberg: Uffff *cringe* =P
CatzaNova: i look good in everything i can wear
Estara: Fiosachd cordovans
CatzaNova: hehehe
Estara: that depends
CatzaNova: 0.o
Yobguad: yaw
CatzaNova: svan
Yobguad: That's ugly
CatzaNova: lemme see that armor lol
ShadowServer" which tavern is it? ^^;
ShadowServer> the lower one of course
Estara: wow
Estara: that will be hard to beat
Estara: hmm
Estara: no that is ugliest
Estara: hehe
Rephin: MOO
collins: MOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Rephin: There we go.
Elexi: spinach man
Estara: uhhh
Estara: that is bad
Diamanda: hehe
Elexi: my god!
Estara: you look cute Elexi
Estara: sorry
Elexi: Dangit!
Diamanda: im putrid :P
Rephin: Sexy! *laughs*
collins: monks cant help but look good, its a curse
Elexi: *laughs*
Estara: ye know they got them in see through
Rephin: Even better!
Lothe: ;p
Estara: no ugly Lothe version?
ShadowServer: *hugs*
Swanberg: Yay!
Lothe: no
GandalfW: Fair day
GandalfW: Fair day
Swanberg: Crowded! ^_^
Anthea: Shadow! *hugs*
Estara: wow CAtz
Lothe: I didn't feel like going and buying a cowl:p
Yobguad: make way!
Estara: that is
Diamanda: Ack!
CatzaNova: haha
Estara: pretty bad...
Yobguad: make way for Swanberg!
Rephin: Ugly mode activated.
Anthea: and morri *^^*
Diamanda: That purple tingy!
Lothe: Mighta won, tho.
Rephin: *beeps*
Diamanda: EWwwww
Estara: hehe
ShadowServer: *giggles*
Swanberg: I loaned my worst outfit to CatzaNova =P
Estara: wow
Yobguad: Huzzah!
CatzaNova: hehehe
Diamanda: haha
Estara: Shadowwwwwwwww
Swanberg: You can tell it was good =P
Diamanda: that us guly
CatzaNova: and i made it look bad
Estara: that is awesome
Diamanda: ugly
Rephin: Seek and destroy cute priestess. Orders understood. *beep*
Estara: yep
Sybil: real ugggggly
Estara: party
ShadowServer: *likes her bell hat*
Anthea: hehe I lost mine ;/
ShadowServer: awlll
Diamanda: Me and him can be the ugliest couple :P
Estara: you could even wear yer purple thingy
ShadowServer: you wear!
Anthea: just too lazy to run and buy another
Estara: or Merf
Estara: if ye got him
Anthea: yay:)
ShadowServer: *giggles*
Swanberg: CatzaNova has my purple thingie ^_^
Swanberg: And Merf is expensive!
Estara: *nod nod*
Swanberg: So I'm doomed to look good! =P
Swanberg: DOOMED@!
Estara: *still have some photos*
CatzaNova: lol
Rephin: I need more booze.
CatzaNova: oh i could make you look bad svanny

Some reaaally bad outfits

Ugly Ugly

Eventually this became one of the fuzzy challenges of Deoch 14, you can see the winners and contenders here (or at the Fuzzy Challenge Winner Archives):D

Winner of the Ugliest Clothing Competition
on the occasion of Arne's and my wedding party at Piet Tavern

Thanks for the most votes ever: 35!! ;-). Well, of course it was the longest fuzzy vote ever, too.

(Runners Up:
CatzaNova 6 votes,
ShadowServer 6 votes,
Diamanda 5 votes,
Elexi 5 votes)

(Anthea had 4 votes
and I had 2 *grins*, I am too cute for my own good)


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Unseelie Court

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