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Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

The wedding anniversary party took place on Lynith Beach at the camping site, and if you would like to see some picture memories of it, you need to click on this link (with Javascript enabled). We were having races as the first party games, when I remembered to start recording.

Estara: she meant me
Lacrema: I winning!
Napie: that's cause she made up the rules
BaneBlade: hiya ladies
BaneBlade: heh
Estara: yep
Estara: Hiya Bane
Estara: very suave
Napie: heh, nice spot suit
Napie: *wonders how p imp equates to "spot"*
BaneBlade: ((I Miss the word pim p
BaneBlade: ))
Sybil: hehe
Palderon" this is interesting..
Palderon> yeah, but you aren't running :P

Morrigan: Look for me
Morrigan: when your on, alright?
Estara: I always do, but we rarely collide with the time nowadays
Estara: *sighs*
Morrigan: yes
Estara: I am also too irregular
Morrigan: but I just might be on....
Palderon" not my fault i carry nothing but heavy armor!... well, i
Palderon" guess it is but oh well
Palderon> *Rofl*

Isahn: aye, I think so
Estara: we lost
Lacrema: I tricked you
Sybil: ohhh!
Lacrema: Isahn didnt get to play!
Estara: *whacks Palderon* you die
Isahn: wha? really? *giggles*
Lacrema: Poor Isahn
Isahn: I ran and all...
Sybil: he did too
Estara: he doesn't even feel it
Sybil: I tripped you
Lacrema: thats why
Sybil: hehe..
Sybil: *tosses pebble*
Lacrema: ISAHN
Sybil: *jumps*
Lacrema: Sybil...
Palderon" i was really only supposed to stop in for a second
Sybil: yes?
Lacrema: were gonna have a regular race!
Palderon> ah! fair enough
Isahn: *smiles*
Sybil: ohh
Lacrema: this is where you get to show your str.
Morrigan: hmm?
Lacrema: me and Sybil this time
Lacrema: ready
Lacrema: set
Sybil: *sneaks*
Lacrema: GO!
Isahn: *refs and sips rum*
Estara: oh
Estara: go
Estara: well I'll try


Lacrema: me won!
Estara: ak
Estara: no Sybil did
Sybil: *pants*
Estara: the coins are here
Lacrema: now without me
Lacrema: everyone gets to race!
Estara: okay
Isahn: ready...
Isahn: set...
Lacrema: Morri you too
Estara: *limbers up*
Sybil: go ..Esty!
Isahn: go
Lacrema: set
Morrigan: I'm too lazy...
Lacrema: GO!
Estara: argh
Estara: wrong start
Lacrema: hehe
Isahn: *giggles*
Sybil: *falls laughing*
SugarLover: anyone like Saffy's new hair? =D
Lacrema: ready
Lacrema: get set
Lacrema: go!
Sybil: *trips*
Estara: yay
Estara: *trips into bane*
Estara: *is cushioned nicely*
Estara: wohoo
BaneBlade: is not fat
Estara: Wolf Power Rules
Lacrema: ok me and Estara now
Estara: I think it was all that
Lacrema: you can give your bets to Isahn
Estara: that stuff from your formal coat
Sybil: *sits to cheer*
Lacrema: ready
Estara: *looks at it all crumpled*
Isahn: *giggles*
Lacrema: get set
Lacrema: GO!
Estara: I ran already?
Sybil: go..go
Estara: coin theaf
Estara: *ROFL*

... running

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