Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

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Lacrema: I won
Estara: hehe
Lacrema: Morri youre dissqualifid
Estara: although Morri cheated with style ((she used pramh on Lacrema :D))
Lacrema: no spells alowed
Morrigan: hehehe
Morrigan: who said?
Estara: Anything goes
Isahn: *laughs*
Estara: right!
Lacrema: everyone
Estara: wow
Estara: Isahn, your the LOoooooooooooooooove king tonight
Isahn: *giggles*
Lacrema: Sybil
Sybil: hehe..
Lacrema: will you marry me?
Estara: she's married :P
Isahn: was last night too.... gah, I've got alot of work to do
Lacrema: \ok!
Sybil: am married
Lacrema: this one everyone has to participate
SugarLover: ...
Lacrema: poems
Lacrema: and the prize is....
Lacrema: Isahn!
SugarLover: I r not here ^^
Estara: wow
Isahn: ...
Sybil: woah..
Lacrema: if a man wins
BaneBlade: I will be back
Estara: ISAHN is the price?
Lacrema: he gets to chose a girl
BaneBlade: got to save someone
Estara: were you asked??
SugarLover: Lacrema... Can I just like.. judge?
Lacrema: what? he's the love king?
Estara: don't be lazy, Sugar
Isahn: *giggles*
Estara: ((look up a poem :P))
SugarLover: Estara..
Lacrema: Isahn gets to decide who wions
Sybil: *giggles*
Estara: *rofl*
SugarLover: ((no o.o)) I'm no good at poetry
Lacrema: everyone ok?
Estara: that's fair
SugarLover: ((I don't wanna do dat.. o.O))
Estara: neither am I:P
Lacrema: everyone at the bonfire
Estara: the only poems I ever wrote Arne are freeform
Isahn: wait, if I'm judging, do I get an entry?
Lacrema: yes
Estara: sure, you can pick the winner anyway
Estara: so it's no worry, anyway
SugarLover: Fine... I do one..
Estara: yay
Lacrema: ok I start
Lacrema: I want that stuff
Estara: *sits down to munch fruit*
Lacrema: hehe
Estara: *ROFL*
Isahn: if everyone will, I gathered some wolf's furs to sit on
Isahn: to cover the rocks... make it comfortable
AlecDreacon: i'm in this contest
Isahn: *points*
Estara: thanks
AlecDreacon: let me grab my poem
SugarLover: Okies... so when we start?
Lacrema: Me
SugarLover: I didn't ask who starts, I said when =P
Estara: hehe
Lacrema: my poem is...
Palderon: zzzz *hic* zzzzzz
Lacrema: actully ill be last
Lacrema: I need to eat dinner
Estara: *ROFL*
SugarLover: O.o
Isahn: *sips rum*
Estara: that is SOOOOO Unseelie
Lacrema: so im last
Estara: all hail
SugarLover: I go whenever... O_o
Estara: okay, so does anyone have a poem?
AlecDreacon: call me when its my term
SugarLover: mememe
AlecDreacon: turn
Estara: yay
AlecDreacon: I have mine
SugarLover: Okies.. so I start?
Estara: sure
SugarLover: *ahem*
SugarLover: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet....
SugarLover: WAIT! THATS ME!!
AlecDreacon: very very very very very Amusing
Estara: very true
Isahn: *giggles*
Morrigan: hahahaha
Estara: that's very true
SugarLover: *giggles*
Estara: and it rhymes
SugarLover: O_o
SugarLover: It does?
Estara: sugar is sweet and that's very true
AlecDreacon: whos turn now
Estara: roses are red, violes t sare blue, sugar is sweet and that's
Estara: very true
Estara: well Alec then
SugarLover: hehe
Estara: always the one who asks
AlecDreacon: Amusing

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Unseelie Court

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