Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Nisuo: *Is Gallanova/Avonalla/Almekia*
Nisuo: For those who didn't hear before
Lacrema: over where I am
Nisuo: Squishy Hampster
Estara: you forgot your monk
Estara: you organised me a sevti
Estara: Abhorson
Estara: right
Nisuo: Oh wow... yeah
Nisuo: That was a long time ago
Enchanttress: *murders*
Enchanttress: You are the source of all evil.
Estara: she/he was always very helpful to me
Nisuo: That's cuz I am nice
Nisuo: Fair day
SugarLover: *tickles*
Enchanttress: eee
Estara: I remember, you were so shocked when you found out my age...
Nisuo: Old lady
Estara: I think I met you with Neofirefly at the time
Estara: god, that IS long ago...
Enchanttress: must run..
Enchanttress: away..
Enchanttress: from andy..
SugarLover: O_o
Nisuo: Back when I was dating Thao?
Estara: at the second Mileth fair, I think
Estara: don't know
Nisuo: Neofirefly
Nisuo: Was Thao
Estara: but you were Almekia and she was Neofirefly
Nisuo: Yeah
Estara: I know :P
Napie: you dated thao huh?
Nisuo: Those were the days
Estara: and I met you both on the fairgrounds
Nisuo: In DA, not IRL
Estara: hehe
Napie: awww come on Morri, wake up
SugarLover: Welp, I gotta go guys.. ((otherwise I'll lose track of
SugarLover: time and all heck'll break loose))
Nisuo: bye Bye Sugar
SugarLover: Bye byes
AlecDreacon: catch you laters Sug
Estara: bye Sugar
Estara: nice to see you
Napie: what's wrong with that anyways?
AlecDreacon: good journeys
SugarLover: ((school tomorrow.. --;))
SugarLover: ((*pouts*))
Nisuo: But Enchanttress and I are really good friends
AlecDreacon: ((ick))
SugarLover: *dissappears*
Napie: *cuddles with Morri*
Estara: ((pfft it's 4 am over here :P))
Estara: awwww
Nisuo: I miss this place, but I also don't. =P
Nisuo: The people rock
Estara: *nod nod*
Estara: right!
Napie: well most of them do anyways
Estara: well our friends do, anyway
Nisuo: Most, unlike TK where it's "10"
Napie: Then there's Morri *snuggles*
Morrigan: *huggles*
Nisuo: Morri Nice too
Estara: really?
Nisuo: I forgot who was mean
Estara: only 10?
Estara: hehe
Nisuo: Yeah, lots of stuck up people there
Estara: that's probably why it's so rosy

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Unseelie Court

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