Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Erynn: ooooo
Dunny: well blow me down
Estara: wow
Dunny: *gasps*
Estara: it is the Dunlouch
Estara: *hugs*
Dunny: wow yewself
Dunny: *hugs*
Erynn: scoot
Dunny: Pally
Estara: *hugs Erynn across*
Erynn: I wanna kiss esty ^^
Nisuo: Dunlouch?
Nisuo: Robin
Dunny: *hugs*
Isahn: everyone...
Estara: *hugs*
Erynn: ^^
Dunny: Napers
Erynn: nice to see ye
Napie: hi Dunny
Dunny: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo
Dunny: yay
Erynn: you too
Isahn: in my leave, I've decided upon the winner of the poem contest
Estara: you missed me being creative.
Nisuo: I hate those things -.-
Dunny: Iwin them all
Estara: oh then you're lucky you missed it
Dunny: ....
Dunny: don't I?
Isahn: and it seems everyone wins... due to too much rum
Estara: yeah, but you weren't here :P
Nisuo: No, these things
Estara: hehehehe!
Morrigan: nooo?
Sybil: *giggles*
Dunny: *commits beachiside*
Estara: I KNEW that that rogue wasn't average
Erynn: where da poems?
Estara: that's why he let you lead him right were he wanted you
Estara: all hail Isahn
Dunny: read da board they all on da board
Dunny: yew like me poems Erynn?
Erynn: the unseelie one?
Erynn: they're nice, deep
Dunny: ya ya and some on tha Deoch one tew...and some
Dunny: ya
Dunny: *winks*
Estara: Dunny does good poems too, true
Erynn: oki
Dunny: he's right here
Erynn: I did but I came back
Dunny: *points*
Estara: Unseelies actually have a godly amount of good poets
Dunny: yay
Nisuo: Is unseelies revived?
Nisuo: Cool?
Morrigan: yes
Nisuo: Erm... I mean Cool!
Erynn: who
Dunny: Estara yew read da latest ones?
Sybil: did it die?
Dunny: *jumps around*
Nisuo: It was falling apart. I am glad everything
Nisuo: is better
Estara: nope, I haven't been Unseelie since Deoch 14, dear
Nisuo: No, more than half the guild left
Erynn: Who's Nisuo?
Erynn: ((wow lag))
Dunny: well GIT BUSY
Estara: Gallanova
Nisuo: I an Galllanova/Avonalla/Almekia
Dunny: the shoot stull be on da board
AlecDreacon: there you go
Estara: AND Abhorson
Erynn: AVON!!
Nisuo: And other less popular names
AlecDreacon: wine
Nisuo: Like Abhorson
AlecDreacon: undine wine, deoch 6, good year
Estara: hehe
AlecDreacon: Amusing
Dunny: heh
Nisuo: Abhorson was my first Character
Nisuo: Born in Deoch 5! =D
Estara: goodness
Dunny: *gooses*
Sybil: oee
Erynn: erg

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Unseelie Court

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