Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

AlecDreacon: alrighty
AlecDreacon: my turn
AlecDreacon: ehem
AlecDreacon: "I am a Candle, whose light shown bright."
Sybil: *hums*
AlecDreacon: "I am a Ray of Light, warming a summer day."
AlecDreacon: "I am a Star, Twinkling above all."
AlecDreacon: "I am Glass, that files a room with light."
AlecDreacon: "I am a Reflection, coming from the south Bay"
AlecDreacon: "I am a human, who will someday fall."
AlecDreacon: "I have burnt out, the light is gone."
AlecDreacon: "I am dying, my will is gone."
AlecDreacon: "Give My eyes to a Child without Sight"
AlecDreacon: "Give my Heart to a man losing Light"
AlecDreacon: "Give my lungs so they may breathe life"
Napie: I wonder what those Glitter rings to...
Napie: errrm do
AlecDreacon: "Save my Love, Which will help during Strife"
AlecDreacon: "I am now burnt out, My Pieces gone to others."
AlecDreacon: "I am now dead, My Body turned to ash."
AlecDreacon: "May my Soul go to Heaven to be with my Brothers."
xMattx: can i try a poem
AlecDreacon: "May my Sins go to hell to lye in the trash."
Estara: *nod nod*
xMattx: roses are red,violets are black,why is your chest as
AlecDreacon: "I am a candle, Once bright no more."
xMattx: flat as your back
AlecDreacon: "I am a human, still remembered forevermore"
AlecDreacon: I am done, and I am going to kick Matt for ruining the
xMattx> you might have wanted to wait till he finishes :P
AlecDreacon: mood
AlecDreacon: *kick*
xMattx: owch
Estara: garg
Safira: *jumps up and down*
Safira: I have one!
xMattx" sorry
Estara: oh well
Estara: sure, go ahead, mine will be improvised anyway
xMattx" i thought my poem was cool
Napie: I wonder
Napie: are Glitter rings like Signent rings...?
Safira: *pauses*
Safira: From sunset to dawn
xMattx> hehe, but I am sure he thought his was cool too.
Safira: I hug the lawn
Safira: From morning to night
xMattx> I thought yours was more a joke than a poem, though ;)
Safira: I'll punch out your light
Safira: *bows*
SugarLover: *claps*
Isahn: *giggles*
xMattx" me too
Estara: you hug the lawn??
SugarLover: *laughs*
Estara: very strange
Sybil: *claps*
Safira: I love grass :)
Estara: nice
SugarLover: Do you eat it too..?
Sybil: I knew it..
Estara: Arne loved hemloch
Safira: ewwww
Estara: anyone else poeming?
Morrigan: ((I could Qoute something...))
AlecDreacon: the sun burns my skin
Palderon: we're poeming!?
Estara: yay!
Palderon: i thought we were admiring the view!
Estara: we are, you ear-infected person
SugarLover: *sun bathes*
Sybil: hehe..
Safira: *puts sun tan lotion on*
Estara: so, who's poeming then?
Estara: oh you're just about to die?
Sybil: all of us
AlecDreacon: O.o
Safira: *plops in the sand*
Estara: yes, but who next :P
SugarLover: *turns over*
Palderon: gimme a sec to think and i'll poem~
Estara: okay...
Safira: Flip me when I get red ok?
Isahn: I've one...
Estara: you got your quote, Morry?
Sybil: Hearts beat with life
Morrigan: yes
Estara: hehe, I think Sybil started already
Sybil: Hearts beat with love
Morrigan: one that I finaly learned all off recently
Sybil: happiness comes
Sybil: from a bottle of rum
Sybil: *giggles*
Isahn: *sips rum, with a smile on his face*
Safira: *claps*
Isahn: mmm hmmmmmm
Estara: the immortal poet of Cashel Rock
Estara: winner of the first fuzzy challenge, ever
Morrigan: I could tell a story.....
AlecDreacon: *Is tempted to make a rum run*
Morrigan: I think I will tell a story...
Estara: okay, so Isahn or Morry next?
SugarLover: *lays on her back, sun bathing while listening to the
AlecDreacon: yay
SugarLover: poems quietly*

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Unseelie Court

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