Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

AlecDreacon: a morri story
Isahn: Morry, please
Morrigan: but, I'll need 3 objects
Estara: wow
Estara: a story with conditions
AlecDreacon: a mushroom
Estara: what do you need?
Safira: a red tentacale
Morrigan: a Red Tentacale, a Mushroom... and what else?
Estara: oh
Isahn: a puppy
Estara: A fruits basket
Estara: oh okay
SugarLover: *looks up*
SugarLover: **Is a puppy**
SugarLover: Did someone say puppy?
Safira: :)
Morrigan: a Puppy or a Fruit Basket?
Astrilla: A spring bouquet~
Isahn: *smiles*
Safira: puppy!
SugarLover: *looks at Morri*
Estara: puppy is fine
Morrigan: which one should be the 3rd object?
SugarLover: I can be puppy ^-^
Estara: ((Furuba for ever))
AlecDreacon: *Goes to get his puppy*(())
Estara: puppy is fine
Morrigan: Alright
Estara: ((I hope it's a happy end story for puppies then o.O))
Morrigan: a Red Tentical, a Mushroom... and a Fruist Basket...
Morrigan: err
SugarLover: .. o.O
Morrigan: puppy >_<
Estara: and a puppy
SugarLover: *walks over to Morri*
Morrigan: Red Tentical, Mushroom... Puppy.... K
Morrigan: *thinks*
Morrigan: Once log ago, as most of these stories go, long long ago
Morrigan: in a time long ago which in turth no one really cares
Morrigan: about in the first place.
Morrigan: But as you know all stories like this make good child
Morrigan: stories
Sybil: *sits on sand*
Morrigan: There was a Red Tentitical, now you don't see Red Tenticals
Lacrema: ok
Lacrema: im back
Morrigan: to often as they normaly come in more commen colors
Estara: shush
SugarLover: Shhh, Morri telling story^^
Morrigan: such as Blue, or Purple, or Green
Sydric: ?
xMattx: gonna make a gang by every 1
Morrigan: Now, This Tentical like many Tenticals before it was a
Estara: storytime
Sydric: Amusing
Morrigan: Farmer? what kind of Farmer? well I'll have to get to
Morrigan: that later becuse currently the Tentical is compeltly
Morrigan: irrivent to the story I'm telling!
Morrigan: what is revilent is that our good old famous drinking
Morrigan: Buddies Deoch and Sriogs were off on their never
Morrigan: ending Quest for Booze Money!
Morrigan: Now, if you remeber back then Sriogs was a Dashing young
Morrigan: Knight, all of this was before the "Cail Purple Miniture
Estara: I can't remember that far back....
Morrigan: Horse Inident"
Morrigan: which forever ruined his good looks and made him look
Morrigan: terrible
Morrigan: They were trying to get this Booze Money in a way
Morrigan: that one would find hard to discribe
Morrigan: You see
Morrigan: they had heard that one could grow a Puppy Tree
SugarLover: *grins*
Morrigan: by planting a Puppy in the ground and waiting 5 minets
SugarLover: O_o
AlecDreacon: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Estara: better put your puppy away
Sybil: *blinks*
SugarLover: *glares at Alec*
Morrigan: So there they wre in the Middel of Tentical land
AlecDreacon: *Chuckles*
Isahn: *giggles*
Morrigan: digging a small hole about so deep that the Puppies head
Morrigan: still be above the ground
SugarLover: *blink blink*
Safira: Poor puppy!
Morrigan: "Are you sure this is going to work?" Deoch said to Sriogs
Morrigan: "Ofcorse I'm sure! the lady at the store said it would!"
Morrigan: Sriogs Repiled
Morrigan: "Yeah, but, my Good drinkying buddy and friend,"
Morrigan: Deoch said "The Lady you are talking about wasn't right
Morrigan: in the head"
Morrigan: "That doesn't matter" Sriogs then said "We'll have our
Morrigan: puppy tree before we head off to bed"
Sybil: *sips rum*
Morrigan: "What does bed have to do with this" Deoch Asked
Estara: *is reminded of Lothe at mass time* :)
Morrigan: "I'm not sure... it Ryhmed..." Sriogs muttered
Estara: *rofl*
Morrigan: As he begain to burry the puppy up to it's head
Morrigan: After which
Morrigan: He got out a watering Can and watered the Puppy
Morrigan: and they sat, and waited
Morrigan: and waited and sat
Morrigan: and watched
Estara: *sits and waits*
AlecDreacon: *Trys to control laughter*
Morrigan: and along came a Red Tentical who was just strolling by
Morrigan: that fine summer day
MoonJune: ?
Estara: storytelling time
Nisuo: PeePole
Estara: shush
SugarLover: Shhh o.O
Morrigan: And the red Tenical said "Why are you doing to that poor
Estara: *Hugs to keep quiet*
Morrigan: puppy! you have it barried up to it's head in the
Morrigan: mud"
Safira: yeah :(
Morrigan: Deoch said to the Red Tenetical "We're trying to grow a
Morrigan: puppy tree"
Morrigan: Then Sriogs said "So we can get BOOZE and drunk off our
Morrigan: ass and then we can give women the Booze to and we
Morrigan: can all be drunk off our ass"
Lacrema: hahahaha!
Morrigan: "I see" said the Red Tenetical
SugarLover: *wonders when the mushroom comes in..*
Morrigan: "I have these Mushrooms you see, they are just like this
Estara: probably the punch line
Isahn: *giggles*
Safira: hehe
SugarLover: *giggles*
AlecDreacon: *Wonders how the mushrooms will be used*
Lacrema: *turns into a phionex*
Morrigan: stuff you call 'Booze' prehaps you would like to see"
Lacrema: *flames hi SUgarLover*

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Unseelie Court

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