Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Morrigan: So they all went off to see the Mushrooms
SugarLover: o_o
Enchanttress: Amusing!
Enchanttress: :P
Morrigan: after removing the puppy form the ground ofcorse
Lacrema: caw caw!
SugarLover: hehe
Morrigan: they went to see!
Morrigan: and they came to the Red Tenticals Mushroom Farm
Lacrema: *burns Sugars butt*
Estara: awww, no puppies were hurt for any length of time
SugarLover: Owowowow.. ;_;
SugarLover: *thwap*
AlecDreacon: still too hot
Morrigan: and there they saw a HUGE feild of Mushrooms so large that
Morrigan: one could fit all of Mileth in it
Lacrema: *turns into a sea princess*
Estara: wow
SugarLover: *whimpers*
Morrigan: and all of the Mushrooms were shaped like Booze!
MoonJune: :p
Lacrema: *waters down the flames*
AlecDreacon: *Makes face*
SugarLover: *looks at Morri&
SugarLover: *
Estara: what is booze shaped like?
Sybil: *tosses pebble*
Morrigan: like wine Bottles
Lacrema: *turns into a wind god*
Morrigan: and Beer mugs
Estara: oh
SugarLover: eep..
Lacrema: *flies up the air*
Morrigan: and... umm... Boobs ;p
SugarLover: *hides*
SSnow: Ooooh, beer and wine. Nummy.
SSnow: Boobs!
Estara: *pokes paunch*
Morrigan: So they all looked at the field spread out so large
Morrigan: they gathered up some mushrooms and shared and all 3
Napie: *snickers*
Morrigan: got Drunk off their asses and the story end
AlecDreacon: HUSH!!!!, Morri isnt finished
Morrigan: s here... Ithink
SugarLover: *claps* Good one Morri :P
Lacrema: *claps*
Estara: Happy end
Sybil: *claps*
Estara: lots of drinking and hemloch
MoonJune: YAhouH!
AlecDreacon: Amusing
Estara: Arne would have approved
AlecDreacon: now its over
MoonJune: *claping around*
Napie: whee, nice story
Estara: ((you get the beach wear
Estara: by walking around on the upper two
Estara: beachers))
SugarLover: Amusing
Sybil: *giggles*

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Unseelie Court

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