Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Lacrema: my turn
Isahn: *giggles*
Estara: ((and hoping to find one in the sand))
Morrigan: thats my story!
Estara: It's the Isahn and Sybil anniversary party with Unseelie Court
Lacrema: ok
Morrigan: wasn't that fun?
AlecDreacon: If I told a story
Estara: yay, Morry
Lacrema: ((this poem...
AlecDreacon: it would last all day
Lacrema: I wrote
AlecDreacon: Cause I dont stop
Estara: it's like Lothe
AlecDreacon: till there is reason to end
Lacrema: from school
Estara: only without old hermits
Lacrema: and im a 4th grader))
Estara: yay
Isahn: Lacrema has request the next poem, so, m'lady... when ye are
SugarLover: Alec..
Isahn: ready, please have at it
Isahn: *smiles*
AlecDreacon: yeah sug
Isahn: *sips rum*
Lacrema: ok *smiles back*
SugarLover: I'd give you a reason to stop talking.. *plays with some
BaneBlade: *drinks omners ale*
SugarLover: unseelie duct tape*
Lacrema: this is short
SugarLover: *grins*
AlecDreacon: Cookie monster is threatening me
BaneBlade: I can make him sleep if ye want
Estara: you're only supposed to eat one a day
AlecDreacon: runs
Lacrema: When the twilights last gleaming
BaneBlade: caught him
AlecDreacon: sleepy time
Lacrema: when the stars on the planets
SugarLover: *baps with the flat of her blade*
Lacrema: glow within ourt hearts
Estara: shush
Lacrema: of the moon of start
SugarLover: *sits down quietly*
BaneBlade: cookie monster
Lacrema: *stars
SugarLover: *glares at BaneBlade*
AlecDreacon: I'd let you hug sugarjr, but she got kidnapped
BaneBlade: COOKIE
Lacrema: the silent rage of sadness
BaneBlade: MONSTER
Lacrema: Coldness on the moon
SSnow: *eats a questionable sandwhich, sitting down in the sand*
Estara: COULD YOU ALL SHUT UP!!! exept Lacrema
BaneBlade: Cook + ie MON + STER
SugarLover: *has shut up*
Lacrema: Lonleness in the Dark
Lacrema: one girl stands in the light for the twilights last gleaming
SugarLover: *glares at the chatty peoples*
Snappy: *CHAT* *CHAT*
Lacrema: angels with lacey gowns
Lacrema: and silver wings
BaneBlade: *points to cookie* *points at sugar*
SugarLover: *places Unseelie Duct tape over your Mouth then Ties
SugarLover: you up*
Lacrema: with velvety pink ribbions too
BaneBlade: monster of the cookie
AlecDreacon: you call that a knife
AlecDreacon: this is a knife
BaneBlade: mon ie cook ster
Lacrema: flies to earth with a layer of silkiness and...
BaneBlade: cook mon ie ster
Lacrema: with a sparkly gold halo too
Lacrema: Her love arrow pierces through mountains and to the loving..
Lacrema: couple
Napie> any chance of you whispering that?
Lacrema: When work is done she flies back to heaven and into the map.
Lacrema: of stars
Lacrema: With silent wings and a silent moon,
SugarLover: *Twirls her Dagger*
Lacrema: a young womanstpped out to explore
Lacrema: SHe felt lik ethe dark was a deppressing dream
Lacrema: as the winds stuck stucked havoc,
SugarLover: *sits down huffily, Forcefield still on ;p*
Lacrema: the owl wings flew between the silent owl moon
Lacrema: the end
SugarLover: *cheers for Lacrema*
Lacrema: heres an extra story
Onvosting: -.-
SugarLover: *poke poke poke*
Lacrema: The slimy gucky car ramed through an egg stand
SugarLover: **master poke**
Lacrema: The car was covered with eggs!
SugarLover: *whispers*
Lacrema: Then someone got icky soda bombs and threw it on the car
SugarLover: *rolls her eyes*
Lacrema: then it became a stink bomb
SugarLover: *tunes into Lacrema's story*
Lacrema: then someone threw tomatoes at it
Lacrema: then...
Lacrema: it was the dirtiest car EVER!
Lacrema: then
Estara: hehe :)
Estara: ((the first poem reminded me of bishojo manga))
Lacrema: and that was a problem Aman
Lacrema: it is
Lacrema: shojo manga
Estara: :)
Lacrema: Amen
Lacrema: the end
Alzarious: hi
Palderon: hello
Alzarious: what are we suposed to do?
Estara: there it is
Isahn: *claps*
Estara: *whistles for Lacrema*
Isahn: well done m'lady
Lacrema: OH!
Lacrema: *flies*
Palderon: uh.. walk around and look for swim shorts?
Estara: ((sorry for the misemotes :P))
Lacrema: *uses firework arrows
Estara: ((all hail for F9))
Lacrema: Happy Aniversery!
Alzarious: hey isahn!
Lacrema: Sybil and Isahn!
Sybil: *smiles*
Estara: all hail
Alzarious: heppy aniversary!
Isahn: *smiles*
Sybil: Thank ye
SugarLover: *tosses Sybil a Woman's Sonnet*
Lacrema: *gives them fireworks*
Lacrema: go ahead and blow the sky off!
Isahn: *smiles*
Alzarious: not much but hey
Lacrema: OK who wins
Sybil: Thanks
Estara: hey, Isahn wanted to tell one too
Lacrema: ok
Estara: and I wanted to free form as well

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Unseelie Court

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