Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Isahn: aye, I've quite the poem
Estara: yea yeah :P
Isahn: but first... I've a question for my love...
Isahn: I promised to ask her before our time here was over
AlecDreacon: yeah
Napie: That's not nice beating up on a Fae like that
AlecDreacon: ack!!
Sybil: *eyes light up*
Isahn: *smiles*
AlecDreacon: even I dont wanna pay that much
Isahn: m'love...
Napie: you gotta put your hips into it
Lacrema: *cries*
Estara: don't worry, this is very Unseelie. The lovers concentrate
Isahn: ye've given me quite the life's story to tell any aisling
Estara: on each other
Isahn: to come asking
Estara: and the rest goes bonkers
AlecDreacon: yaho
AlecDreacon: Amusing
Isahn: I would like to ask ye...
Lacrema: *sobs to the floor*
Estara: *hands handkerchief*
Isahn: have the story never ending?
Alzarious: i am sorry
Lacrema: *hankerchefs all watery*
Isahn: *smiles*
Sybil: ours?
Alzarious: i have to leave
Lacrema: *still sobs*
Isahn: *nods*
Alzarious: happy aniversary my teacher
Sybil: why tis best..
Alzarious: and you to m'lady
Isahn: *kisses and hugs tightly*
Sybil: *smiles*
Isahn: love ye
Estara: awwww
Estara: you turned into water
Sybil: love ye Isahn LeOpeth
Isahn: *smiles*
Isahn: now... if I may, my poem...
Estara: sure :)
Isahn: who's next?
Estara: we sit through one we sit through all
Isahn: just curious
Sybil: ye are
Estara: don't know
Isahn: *giggles*
Isahn: alright... well, *ahem*
Isahn: it's entitled "In this room..."
Lacrema: *Grows Devil wings*
Lacrema: *flies*
Isahn: "Blackness with hints of light.
Isahn: Blurs with shows of light.
Isahn: Visions filly my void bright.
Lacrema: *uses apocalapyce attack*
Isahn: THoughts abound when least expected
Lacrema: *blows everyoneup*
Isahn: Memories abroad, mostly respected.
Isahn: Emotion contempt, never neglected.
Isahn: In this room my mind is pure
Isahn: In this room my decisions are sure
Isahn: In this room, immortality forever more."
Isahn: *smiles* -end
SugarLover: *cheers*
Estara: nice :)
Sybil: *claps*
Isahn: *smiles* my thanks
Estara: reminds me a bit of Arne's I'm a being of complete and
Estara: utter free will
AlecDreacon: *Sits down*
Sybil: now..Esty..
Estara: I guess great minds think alike
Estara: yeah?
Napie: I wonder if swanny will ever come back
Estara: Palderon, you still want to do it
Estara: too?
Estara: or are you off?
Estara: cause I have time to wait
Palderon: eh?
Estara: the poem?
Isahn: *sips rum*
Estara: I can go last, if it's better for your timing here?
Palderon: awww, i was hoping to post and leave before my turn :p
Isahn: *laughs*

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Unseelie Court

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