Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Estara: hehe
Estara: okay, this one is free form
Estara: and it's also completely off the top of my head :P
Estara: I dedicate it to you two, though
Estara: I figure that should give me some credit
Isahn: *smiles*
Sybil: *smiles*
AlecDreacon: Amusing, enjoying your armors
Estara: IF I can concentrate :P
SugarLover: *listens to Estara*
AlecDreacon: ((lag))
Qutro: what lv are you now
Estara: *coughs*
AlecDreacon: 64
AlecDreacon: Amusing
Sybil: shhh
Estara: Green tresses swimming on the waves
AlecDreacon: i'm waiting for my wife to level up to 55
Estara: birds cry on the shore
Estara: waves crash against the rock and the siren looks
Estara: up at the glaring sun in the sky
SugarLover: *holds up a sign saying "Shhh... pwease ;_;"*
Estara: song with rum-deepend voice
Estara: warm like dark chocolate she smiles
Estara: and many a sailor crashes on Cashel Rock
Qutro! no shhh
Estara: Black haired intrepid pirate
Estara: won't back down from challenges
SugarLover: *sits by Estara*
Estara: decides to pick his approach
Estara: and steps softly
Estara: Siren slowly smiles stepping softly
Estara: Rogue smiles shyly back and lets himself be lead
Estara: down in the deep cave below Cashel Rock where the song of the
Estara: sea never ends.
Estara: the end ;)
Sybil: *smiles*
SugarLover: *claps*
Sybil: *cheers*
Estara: thanks
SugarLover: Woooo =D
Sybil: was beautiful!
Estara: hehe, Sybil inspires me since I became an Aisling
Isahn: *smiles* well done
AlecDreacon: *Daydreaming*
Estara: best of luck you two, I hope you found your rock to build
Estara: a life on in each other
redrosebud: :)
Estara: thanks for the patience, everyone
Isahn: anyone not said their poem?
Sybil" that was great!
Palderon: me i guess...
Sybil> and completely improvised, but as I said, when I'm inspired
SugarLover: *stares at paldy*
Sybil> it works :)
Sybil> I wrote my love poem to Arne in one go, too, hehe *hugs in
Sybil> thought*

Estara: *winks at Paldy*
Sybil" *smiles*
Palderon: oh, i'm supposed to say it?
SugarLover: Yeah..
SugarLover: Usually the idea..
SugarLover: *Grins*
Estara: you could think it if you want to :P
Estara: you could shout it, too.
Napie: ?
Napie: say what?
Sybil: hehe
Estara: if you think it, I want to see a pantomime though!
Palderon: uh i didn't write it down so i might need a sec to think at
Palderon: some points x.x
Estara: we have patience of gold
Estara: or else
SugarLover: *wonders: or else wha?*
Estara: or else I chop the one without patience to bits
SugarLover: *laughs*
SugarLover: *Whispers* that is.. if you can catch em =P
Estara: *nod nod*

-Paldy gets eaten by lagh


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Unseelie Court

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