Unseelie Court:

Sybil and Isahn's first wedding anniversary

Estara: wow
Estara: he did say lagh might get him
SugarLover: O_o
Estara: now that was timely o.O
SugarLover: Sugar guessing Paldy no come back for whiles.. o.O
Estara: I wonder if he gave up, or if he's desperately fighting his
Estara: way back...
Isahn: *smiles*
SugarLover: O_o
Estara: lagh is one enemy an Aisling has to face alone *looks full of
Estara: pathos*
Estara: Alas, poor Palderon, I knew him well

-Paldy back again

Estara: HAH
Estara: HE WON!
Sybil: Yay!
SugarLover: *eats a peice of the lag monster who was after her
SugarLover: earlier*
SugarLover: *burps quietly* erm.. 'scuse me =X
Napie: so now what?
AlecDreacon: too many cookies
Sybil: oh..uh
Estara: *sighs*
Estara: I guess if he manages to tell his

- Paldy eaten again

SugarLover: That Monster jes won't give up...
Nisuo: Dont be sad
Estara: *hugs*
Nisuo: *hugs*
Estara: but he wanted to tell his poem
Estara: if he manages to tell it, it will be out of contest
Napie: I hope its a Haiku, cause the way that lag is eating him
Estara: good point
Estara: you missed my inspired free form
Nisuo: I missed a lot
Estara: I was really good, if I do say so myself
Estara: hehe
AlecDreacon: *eats chimichunga*

- Paldy back again

SugarLover: Paldy is back ^-^
Palderon: shouldn't... have... moved...
Estara: by choice or where you forced?
Estara: true
Estara: Pald, am I dear or are you still poeting?
Lacrema: Sayonara everyone
Estara: deaf
Estara: Sayonara
Lacrema: Isahn, Sybil, theres a gift in the back hurry and see it
Palderon: i'm think i'm gonna just think it due to lag and the
Palderon: alcohol wearing off
Estara: oh okay
Estara: in that case it's out of contest
Lacrema: COME ON!
Palderon: was a "good for the moment but the moments no good now"
Lacrema: hurry
Palderon: thing.
SugarLover: =X

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Unseelie Court

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